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RAK Zig Zago

Ceramic tiles are a great option for your kitchen or bathroom and can help to make a room look sophisticated and classy while being incredibly durable and stain resistant this makes them a great addition to your room. Ceramic tiles are a cost-effective solution when looking at tiling a room as they are durable and can come in a wide range of colours and patterns and some even have anti-slip properties which are important in a bathroom or kitchen environment. Ceramic tiles are also much easier to cut than other types of tiles so if you have to do plenty of cuts to make a tidy finish this is the best type of tile.

RAK Tiles

RAK tiles are made by RAK ceramics who make a range of tiles in different materials, ranges and styles to suit everyone. The RAK ceramics tiles are affordable and hard wearing making them a great option for keeping your budget low but getting the best quality.  In our range of RAK tiles, we have some from the RAK Zig Zago range.  The RAK Zig Zago range comes in two distinct colour pallets of beige and gold, blue and grey and a mix of plain and patterned tiles. The new range has a mosaic-like design to it and gives a bold, opulent appearance. These ceramic tiles from RAK ceramics were made to create a stunning statement within your home. The Zig Zago ceramic tiles range is ideal for bathroom projects with a host of benefits that are true of all RAK ceramics tiles. These ceramic tiles from RAK ceramics have exceptional resistance to water and stains, abrasions, impact and fire, making them a great hard wearing option for any home.  The surface of the RAK ceramic tiles is easy to clean making them great for the bathroom or wet room.

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