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Ted Baker Collection

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We have a large selection of Ted Baker Tiles in stock to suit all styles. Ted Baker Tiles are made from high quality materials and have add a touch of luxury to any room they are placed in.

Our selection includes Ted Baker Splashback tiles, Ted Baker Bathroom Tiles and Ted Baker Floor Tiles, with designs ranging from simple to elaborate. There are many different tile sizes to choose from – room requirements vary massively, and we know how important it is to find the right fit. The wide variety of designs available makes Ted Baker Tiles perfect for customising your bathroom.

Choosing your Ted Baker Tiles

Find Ted Baker Tiles in various shades of grey, black, white and brown. The lighter Ted Baker Tiles can give your room a cool, airy feel, while the darker options bring a stylish edge. Why not treat yourself to a gorgeous design such as our rose-patterned Ted Baker Splashback or any of our vintage-inspired Ted Baker Bathroom Tiles for the wall? A Ted Baker Splashback works both as a functional splashback in a bathroom or kitchen, and as a decorative piece of artwork in its own right. This blend of practicality and intricacy makes the Ted Baker Splashback a favourite in home furnishings.

Ceramic or Porcelain Ted Baker Tiles

Most of our Ted Baker Tiles are made from premium ceramic or porcelain, while the Ted Baker Splashback is glass artwork. Sold in multipacks of eight pieces or more, the Ted Baker Floor Tiles can also be used as wall tiles, so there is a lot of flexibility when it comes to installing them. Some packs come with several different tile designs, allowing you to mix and match to create a truly unique combination. Whether you want to tile the whole room or just part of it, our range of Ted Baker Tiles has you covered.

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