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Glass Splashbacks

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Fitting a new glass splashback is a great way of updating your kitchen without going through a full revamp.

Glass splashbacks do not only serve a practical role, such as protecting the walls from hob and sink splashes, today, a glass splashback is also more of a statement piece and available in a variety of styles and colours. Our colour glass splashbacks make a statement that look great against a white background.

Choose a glass splashback with a smooth glossy surface for a more contemporary kitchen. Our glass splashbacks are a great choice for most kitchen areas as they’re durable, don’t mark, are easy to fit and keep clean. Our glass splashbacks do not only come in plain block colours but also metallics and feature a copper look rather than glass.

Stuck for ideas on how to cement a beautiful aesthetic in your living space? Browse our stunning range of glass splashback tiles today and start creating a beautiful glass backsplash in your home, guaranteed to amp up your decor and cement your personal style.

Why should you choose a glass splashback over tiles?

Our range of glass splashbacks come in wonderful and vibrant colours that stand out in your kitchen, as well as suttle more neutral colours to complement their surroundings. Glass splashbacks have a few advantages and differences to using mosaic tiles or larger tiles as your splashbacks, firstly the bold colours are not commonplace in smaller tiles. Our glass splashbacks are designed to be a stand out feature in your kitchen or bathroom, and the dull, uninteresting colours of older kitchen glass splashbacks have been replaced with the rainbow of coloured glass splashbacks on our page below.

In terms of functionality and ease of use, glass splashbacks provide several advantages over tiles, specifically, they are easier to clean and maintain! Glass splashbacks are one solid piece that can be wiped down and cleaned easily, like a table or window, tiles on the other hand often retain dirt and grime in between the gaps in the tiles occupied by gout. This Gout can over time become tired and worm reducing the appeal of the entire room. You won't encounter this problem with glass splashbacks, since they have much less or often no gout exposed at all, and all of our glass splashbacks come with antismear properties that help your kitchen looking fresh and new even after your glass splashbacks are installed.

Glass splashbacks are one of the most underrated decorating choices, but you should never underestimate the power of well-designed tiling. Where wallpaper just won't do, mix and match our gorgeous glass backsplash tiles to create a sleek scape across a large area, or keep it majestic and minimal with a smaller glass tile splashback design that creates a focal point in your room. For areas with a sink or where food is prepared, a glass tile backsplash in an excellent way to protect your walls, and makes for easier cleaning, so quite apart from the stunning effect they create they are practical in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

The beauty of a glass tile backsplash is that it can be as dominant or as subtle as you want - the location of your glass tile splashback will no doubt determine the style you choose. Create space in your living room with a combination of crystal, snowflake and silver glass splashback tiles, channel a rustic ambience with kitchen splashback tiles in soft pastels such as vanilla, powder and pashmina, or add a quirky and bold pop of colour in your bathroom with bright mosaic of cranberry, tangerine and pink glass splashback - the only limit is your own imagination!

The perfect glass splashback is within your reach - all you need to do is dive into our fantastic catalogue of glass splashback tiles and start creating the perfect glass splashback for you!

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