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Black Tiles

Explore our range of Black Tiles from brands including Verona and British Ceramic Tile. Interior Design has seen a significant increase in the demand for Black Tiles over the last 12 months.

Why Black Tiles?

You would be forgiven if you are a little weary of Black Tiles. However, their edgy and sophisticated look are an ideal choice for both a contemporary and traditional themed room. The intensity of Black Tiles can transform a standard room into an extremely stylish and beautiful space. This allows other accessories and furniture colours in the room to pop!

The brilliant practicality of Black Tiles is their ability not to show up dirt. Especially when combined with a black grout which aids the whole design to look fabulous for even longer.

The key to using Black Tiles correctly is maintaining simplistic, clean lines and being clutter free. This is to keep the look sleek and streamlined. Black Tiles work in any room, like with other tile options. Black works in initial rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms but also in sitting rooms, offices and bedrooms.

Most importantly when looking to update a room with Black Tiles, don’t forget to inject your personality into your overall design. Show off your design flare and go and have fun with it.

At Building Supplies Online, you will find a fantastic selection of black wall and black floor tiling options. All from leading UK manufacturers at competitive prices and with UK nationwide delivery.

Using Black Tiles in Smaller Spaces

You may feel that you couldn’t possibly contemplate using Black Tiles in a smaller room with limited natural light. On the contrary, instead of trying to disguise the fact, embrace it and use the warmth of black tiles to add a cosy, intimate and snug feel to your chosen room.

Black Tiles have a surprisingly warm and serene effect on a room, so consider black as a colour option if you are looking to renovate your home office.

Incorporating Black Tiles 

If you don’t feel brave enough to incorporate Black Tiles throughout your room, try using Black Tiles on one specific wall. You end up with a striking feature wall or backdrop. This will still have impact and impress your guests as well as updating your room with a trend which is set to stay for a long time yet. Remember, a little goes a long way!

Our Function and Form Patchwork Black Gloss Tile also available in an optional satin finish. This makes a wonderful feature wall with its unique structured design and adds visible texture and interest to your chosen space. These Black Tiles also look amazing when coordinated with our Function and Form Plain and Gloss Tiles.

Another way to incorporate black for an instant update into your existing room. However, without the financial cost, consumption of time or if you are a weary about an all-black makeover is by combining it with another colour.

White has always been a natural pairing to achieve that timeless and striking monochrome finish. Monochrome owes its popularity to the cleverness of being modern yet traditional all at the same time, it just simply never dates. Check out our Laura Ashley Isodore White on Black Tile for inspiration. In fact, Matt Black Floor Tiles teamed with gloss shiny white wall tiles are showstopping.

Together they are trendy and elegant. The shine of the gloss tile offsets the matt of the black tile promoting a sought after textured look.

Black Tile Style Options

As highlighted above, textured tiles are extremely popular now. Especially with interior design publications and gurus.

Another example of this is with our Function and Form Wave Black Gloss Tile. This can be laid either vertically or horizontally depending on your personal preference. Texture will also soften the impact when using a block of Black Tiles in a room.

Victoria and Edwardian era style patterned white and black tiles have made a big comeback. Beautiful and luxurious in any room setting. These Black Tiles make a wonderful feature floor stipulating heritage and opulence. These tiles combined with other monochrome or wood features are great for a true authentic finish which will not disappoint.

Our Feature S Devonstone Black tile is a perfect example of this. Another black tile with a traditional inspired design is the Feature S Mary Floor Tile. This tile brings with it a current and contemporary twist to bring it right up to date.

Metro black tiles are a beautiful choice of Black Tiles especially if laid in a brick pattern layout replicating a brick wall. Extremely stunning with its combined vintage inspired look teamed with urban chic.

These black tiles are not a new concept. This design was very popular in large Victorian kitchens and has returned ranking highly on the style stakes. Take a look at our ideal Wall Industrial Matt Black Tile which will work wonders if this is the look you are trying to achieve.

The recent improvement in technology and quality of materials has seen an introduction of natural stone effect tiles such as:

  • Slate
  • Marble
  • Wood

These Black Tiles allow us to bring earthy and rustic tones back into our home and become closer to nature whilst bringing our room’s look bang on trend.

Slate-effect black tiles such as the Timbao Multi-use black tile injects a dramatic and chic finish to your living space. Slate effect black tiles bring in a stunning natural texture to your room. This suits equally rustic or ultra-modern properties.

If you are looking to add extra character to a more traditional home like a cottage you can go even further by implementing Slate Floor Black Tiles. Mix these with lighter shades and different sizes of slate. This will give you a patchwork farmhouse style finish.

If you have a more modern home. Use slate tiles of a more consistent look using the same shade and same size in a uniformed approach. This will really meet needs of a modern property such as our Floor Tile HD Slate Black Tile.

Choosing Mosaic Black Tiles

Mosaics will also transform a specific room or complement your newly implemented black tiles.

We offer an extensive range of Mosaic Black Tiles. These include the striking and fashionable Verona Izen Matt Black Chevron Mosaic Black Tile.

Shapes are extremely on trend and add an interest to your wall. This is perfect for accentuating an architectural property feature. Especially if you want to install shelf recesses or to revamp entire shower cubicle walls. Teamed with similar coloured tiles will maximise visual appeal and add a touch of design magic.

As with the popular chevron shape, hexagons are extremely favourable. They add an artistic and interesting design dimension to your walls. Hexagons of all sizes work on floors and wall. Either on their own as a black colour block or with other colours such as grey and white such as with our Hexagon Black Multi-Use Tile.

Tiles are a trendy and favourable option now. They are consistently appearing in interior design publications. Enjoy your tiling project and don’t be afraid to let your creative side take over.

If you have any questions at all regarding any of our tile ranges don’t hesitate to join our live-chat team of professionals. They will be happy to assist further.

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