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Green Tiles are predicted to be the next big thing for kitchens over the coming year. 

Why Choose Green Tiles

Like blue in 2018, green tiles are proving to be growing in popularity as a colour choice adding individuality, interest and vibrancy to any room.  The beauty of green tiles allows you to create both a contemporary feel or a space full of heritage and intrigue depending on how you work the rest of the room's features and accessories. 

Whichever decor you decide is right, you will without doubt create a kitchen boasting tranquillity and calmness which will be a welcoming element to your space. 

With us here at Building Supplies Online you will find a wonderful variety of green tile shades from the soft hues of mint, warmth of olive or the richness of racing green.  You will be sure to find a perfect green tile waiting for you at competitive prices and fast nationwide delivery. 

Choosing your Green Tiles

  • If you are still nervous about implementing green tiles into your colour scheme but really want to update your kitchen and bring it right on trend, why not opt for a shade which is also on the borderline of deep grey bringing in an outstanding contemporary look such as our Ondulato Grey Grafito Tile in a modern brick style finish.  This particular green tile looks great in any room including bedrooms, hallways and bathrooms. 
  • Dark green tiles such as our V&A Puddle Glazes Tile in Racing Green are a superb metro tile shaped alternative.  These unique gloss green tiles are extremely clever as their unusual translucent glaze allows the finish to melt and pool across the face of the tile meaning a variation of shades can be seen across the tiled wall when finished making it a design full of depth and completely bespoke to you.  Bringing in a contemporary look combined with the traditional British shade of Racing Green has a beautifully rich and alluring effect.  This dark green tile is the modern day 'go to' when seeking a monochrome design with a current twist. 
  • For a country cottage styled look, look no further than our cookhouse character sage tiles. Available in two sizes these typical Cotswold themed sage green tiles will result in simply beautiful effect for your kitchen which will not fail to please.   Textured and with a gloss finish these green tiles make a wonderful rustic feature wall, tiled splashback or a wall covering option throughout either on their own or complemented by other colours when teamed with tiles from the same Cookhouse Character range. 

The fantastic versatility of green tiles is one reason why they are rapidly becoming the colour of choice.  Depending on your visualised end design goal there are many options you can choose from when looking to pair your green tiles with another design in your kitchen such as worktops and flooring. 

Complementing your Green Tiles with other Colours

  • Complementing your green tiles with warm and earthy tones such as natural wood worktops and accessories will add an outstanding level of the element of serenity to your room as well as the added benefit of clean lines and design know-how. 
  • This increased sense of calm and positivity is perfect if like many others now, you use your kitchen as the hub of your home where the whole family get together at the end of a busy day or weekend. 
  • Any organic materials such as natural stone will support this exquisite look and will without doubt be the envy of your visitors. 
  • Marble is another material when teamed with green tiles will ooze opulence and glamour. 
  • If you are seeking to bring in an ultra-contemporary look using your green tiles, consider pairing with one of the latest in our patterned floor tile designs, especially looking good when teamed with geometric patterns such as our Feature Floors Retro Monochrome Tile for that extra wow factor. 
  • To jump on the 'industrial look' trend seen often in design publications, team your green tiles with accents of copper or brass throughout your room. 

Together, this look will scream professionalism and achieve 100% of a luxury feel. 

Green Tiles for your Kitchen

Of course, you may just be looking to update and refresh your kitchen and bringing it back in to touch with minimum effort. 

By just changing or implementing alone green tiles you will still give the illusion of a whole room makeover due to the striking uniqueness and contrast this tile colour choice brings, your room will look like it has had an entire overhaul instead of just the addition of new tiles or a new splashback such as our Impact Glass Splashback in Emeraldor Impact Glass Splashback in Lime.

Whichever option you decide to go for, green tiles are set to stay and no wonder; adding elegance, glamour, style and serenity to any room, you will wonder why you hadn't used them earlier.   

If you do have any queries at all, join us on live-chat where a member of our skilled team will always be happy to assist.

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