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Grey Tiles

Grey Tiles

Explore our beautiful range of Grey Tiles from brands including British Ceramic Tile & Verona. Grey Tiles have been at the top of the design wish-list for the last few years and show no signs of decreasing in popularity any time soon.

Choosing the Right Grey Tiles for You

Due to their beautifully understated characteristics, grey is a fantastic versatile choice. Neither boring or too daring, grey allows you to create an interior design either sleek and modern or traditional and charming. Choosing grey will allow you to create a calm and relaxing space for any design theme or style you are opting for.

Of course, grey is not just grey anymore; there are so many shades and tones of grey to choose from. This allows you to find the right one for your project including:

  • Dove Grey
  • French Grey
  • Slate Grey
  • Dark Grey

At Building Supplies Online, we have all you need to find the right Grey Tiles for you and your home. You will find grey porcelain and ceramic tiles in an array of widths, lengths, shades and designs. You can be sure the Grey Tiles you opt for will be at the best competitive prices as well as offering nationwide UK delivery.

  • Our spectrum of Grey Tiles is available for both floors and walls. Many have duo versatility allowing you to use the same Grey Tiles for both options if you are looking for continuity throughout your room.
  • Many of our Grey Tiles are available to order as a sample first. This allows you to see and touch the tile before placing your final order which will ensure you choose the right grey tiles for your tiling project.
  • Due to tiles being known for their brilliant practicality and durability recent years has seen tile design improving. The design world has responded, and they can now be seen being used more and more outside of the two initial primary rooms; the kitchen and the bathroom.
  • Grey Tiles are being used more than ever. Especially to make a style statement in bedrooms, hallways and entrances as well as living rooms bringing glamour and luxury.

Grey Tiles Style Choices

We have a large catalogue of both plain and patterned Grey Tiles to choose from.

  • Plain Grey Tiles are the perfect option if you are looking to create a simple but sophisticated designed room.
  • Our plain Grey Tiles ranges from our Floor Tile Fabulous Sumptuous Light Grey Tile to our Floor Tile Stipple Dark Grey .

Both options offer elegance and beauty.

  • If you are looking for a patterned Grey Tile, our range is again extensive .
  • This sublime heritage collection is based on vintage looking tiles.
  • These tiles are often seen historically in Victorian and Edwardian London homes.
  • Bring this stunning tile back to the modern age.
  • Keep the walls simple to allow your floor to obtain maximum impact and wow your guests.

Matt or Gloss Grey Tiles?

Choosing between matt or gloss Grey Tiles is often down to personal taste. However there are a few practical differences between the two of which you may want to consider.

  • Matt tiles will be favoured if you are looking to create a traditional and rustic look to your space. These are also more practical in functional rooms where water may be present such as a kitchen or bathroom. They are more slip-resistant than gloss tiles due to the surface friction. Grey Gloss Tiles are a great option for bathroom or kitchen walls and make stunning splashbacks whilst being easy to wipe clean.
  • However, Grey Gloss Tiles have the advantage of allowing light to be bounced around off other tiles creating the illusion of light and space. This is great for rooms where space is limited. If this sounds like conundrum you have, don’t believe that grey tiles are not an option for you. It still can be, teamed with attractive mirrors and clever lighting, the gloss plain tile can do wonders for your space limited rooms.

The contemporary look of Metro Grey Tiles is amazing when teamed with modern elements or when used with traditional pieces. This allows you to combine new and old classic elements together creating a room very special to look at.

Grey Tile Mosaics

Not forgetting the wonder and opportunity of grey tile mosaics and the impact they have on our chosen room. Mosaics are wonderful at adding that attention to detail and finer element of design. You can use mosaics to highlight a specific feature to your room such as a fireplace or a stunning bath.

Our range of mosaics include the exquisite Verona Kenton Mixed Grey Glass, Stone, Metal Mix Mosaics. This Grey Tile mosaic will add depth and interest with its mix of contrasting natural materials. This will complement your walls perfectly.

Feel free to contact our live-chat knowledgeable team if you have any questions regarding our grey tile range.

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