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Plain Wall Tiles

With our expansive collection of plain wall tiles, plain doesn't have to mean boring - plain tiles are a wonderful way to accentuate understated style in any living space.

Where can I use plain wall tiles?

Plain wall tiles are a very common feature in most homes, and while they are usually found in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms you can use plain wall tiles in any area of your home. plain wall tiles are ideal for creating a sleek, smart backdrop in a cosy room filled with decorative furniture, or they can be used in different patterns to create a dramatic showpiece in a sparsely furnished room.

Do I have a lot of choice with plain wall tiles?

Don't let the word 'plain' mislead you - our stunning selection of plain wall tiles come in various shapes, colours and sizes. Brightly coloured plain wall tiles can be used to create a beautifully vibrant ambience in any living space, and you can even use several tiling patterns side-by-side in the same area to create a striking effect for your walls. You will definitely not be stuck for choice with our extensive catalogue of quality plain wall tiles.

Why should I choose plain wall tiles?

Depending on your personal tastes, you may find that more plain wall tiles do not suit every space in which you think your walls would benefit from tiling. All of our huge range of plain wall tiles are specially selected for their premium quality and gorgeous style - from putty beige to aqua blue, slate grey to olive green and everything in between, you are sure to be able to find the perfect plain wall tiles to match your decor here. Start browsing our fabulous range of plain wall tiles today, and prepare to be transfixed by the transformation in your home!

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