Top 5 Space Saving Radiators

Reina Diva Electric Curved Heated Towel Rail Chrome


One of the essential elements of maintaining a comfortable home is keeping it warm during the winter months, or at other times when it gets a little chilly outside. This makes radiators essential in most homes.

If you're heating a larger room, several radiators may be necessary in order to combat the resulting draft. If your room is smaller, you'll probably look for a small, powerful radiator.

Whatever your needs, we've come up with a list of our top five space-saving radiators to help you heat up your home in style and give you a little more room to move.

Heated Towel Rails

When it comes to heating for your bathroom, a heated towel rail is one of the most popular space-saving options. Not only do they have the obvious benefit of giving you a deliciously warm towel to wrap yourself in after bathing, but they also heat the room surprisingly well. The power of compact heaters should not be underestimated!

A good quality heated towel rail will be made of high-performance materials and crafted for optimum thermal performance. The Reina Diva Electric Curved Heated Towel Rail is a good example. It features a curved rung ladder rail design and comes in both classic white and sleek chrome finishes, sitting neatly on your wall for a smooth, space-saving solution.

Another fantastic space-saving radiator for the bathroom is the Boleyn radiator Heated Towel Rail, designed by market-leading radiator manufacture Supplies4Heat. It combines a classic white compact radiator and chrome towel rail, eliminating the need for a separate radiator and towel rail - perfect for cosy, compact bathrooms.

This neat little radiator/rail combo comes in a variety of sizes, depending on how much room you have to manoeuvre. Aside from the excellent functional features of this space-saving radiator, the striking combination of classic and contemporary styles is also a stylish design feature in any bathroom.

Supplies 4 Heat Boleyn Radiator Heated Towel Rail


Central Heating

The limited dimensions of a small or awkward space shouldn't stop you from heating it properly, so we offer various sized and shaped radiator to suit every wall space.

An excellent place for a radiator in a smaller room is underneath a window, so a horizontal design is great for this purpose - we're loving the Supplies4Heat Paxton Horizontal Aluminium Radiator. Its smooth, sleek appearance help it to blend seamlessly into the wall, creating the illusion of extra space whilst still providing excellent heat output.

Despite the small and unobtrusive appearance of this radiator, it gives a satisfying amount of heat whilst being compact enough to fit easily in most places. If your room has more wall space than floor space, make the most of what you have with a vertical radiator, like the Supplies 4 Heat Chaucer Single Vertical Radiator which has many size variations to suit any space.

This stylish and elegant space-saving radiator is a perfect fit for rooms that are unusual shapes, where more than one radiator is needed. Due to the slim design, these radiators can sit between pieces of furniture, and pipes permitting, can sit as high as you'd like, giving maximum heat spreading capabilities in even the airiest of rooms.

Our absolute favourite space-saving radiator at the moment is the Hudson Reed Revive Wave Designer Vertical Radiator. This gorgeous anthracite wave design radiator is not only a sleek, compact heating solution but stands alone as a beautiful and unique design feature in your home.

Hudson Reed Revive Wave Designer Vertical Radiator


The Hudson Reed brand is synonymous with quality, luxury and style, and this stunning example is a testament to those values. There's nothing better than a piece of art on your wall that keeps you warm too, which is why we have named it our top space saving radiator!

The VIP Option

We hope that we've given you a good start to decide on the best heating solution for your space, but of course, the ultimate space-saving solution is underfloor heating.

An underfloor heating system distributes heat evenly underfoot and is of course completely hidden. The system is controlled with an easy-to-use thermostat just like your regular central heating. Underfloor heating mats are low maintenance and compatible with most flooring - they are even suitable for wet areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms. You can find more information on underfloor heating systems on our website.

As well as the top five space-saving radiators listed above, we have a huge range of classic and contemporary radiators and towel rails in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit all rooms in your home.

Only you will know what works best in your space, but hopefully, we'll have given you some great ideas on how to make the most of your space when installing your heating. Keep visiting us at Building Supplies online for more hot tips!