Traditional Bathroom Trends

A hugely popular choice for many, the traditional style is perfect for bringing a classic feel to any bathroom. Whether you are completely revamping your space or just looking for ways to breathe new life into an original design, it is easier than you think to achieve a classy traditional look in any bathroom. With our extensive array of stunning bathroom essentials, it is easier than ever to create a timeless aesthetic without compromise on impressive modern practicality.

Combining Victorian & Edwardian features, our exquisite Traditional toilet range is an ideal place to start in the designing process. As with every product we sell, the highest quality is a promise so the only thing you need to worry about is choosing which unique design is the most eye-catching to you. If you are looking to make a statement with your choice of toilet, the high-level option is ideal, especially paired with chic polished aluminium finishings found in the Burlington range. Alternatively, if you have a smaller bathroom space but want no compromise on classic style, the close coupled choice could be perfect for you.

Any bathroom design can be transformed with the right bath and thanks to our carefully crafted collection of traditional designs, there is no hassle in achieving the beautiful outcome you envision. If you are not sure where to start in choosing the perfect bath for you, simply browsing through our traditional ranges will be sure to entice inspiration. A greatly favoured design for this year is the freestanding bath and with a bold stand out appeal, you can be thrown back in time with our classic designs from brands including Arcade, Hawke & Beck and Hudson Reed. Coupled with chrome finishings, it is easy to create a polished elegant aesthetic that remains highly practical and fit for realistic everyday use.

To make your bathroom flow, choosing the right basin is fundamental. However, there is no need for stress as finding the best basin for your bathroom layout is simple due to our extensive traditional collection. If you are looking to draw attention for the right reasons, the Burlington Georgian marble basins could be the ideal option for you. With an extremely luxurious appearance and performance, the high-quality finish of these products is unbeatable coupled with the intricate detailing and amazing durability. However, if you are searching for more subtly in your design, the classic square or round basins supply equally impressive performance but with a more understated appeal. Sold in a variety of sizes, they offer a fashionable old-time aesthetic without feeling outdated. In addition, another popular classic choice is the traditional stone basin with stainless steel or aluminium stand. A unique enhancement to any bathroom, this style of basin is both practical and chic.

Looking for the perfect shower can appear challenging, but with countless traditional designs now available, it is easier than ever to achieve. If you love the look of classic exposed shower valves, then Premier’s dual exposed range could be for you. With an undeniably elegant appeal, these showers are an ideal choice for many not only due to their charming design but the high-quality performance they provide. Alternatively, if the perfect shower you have in mind bares a more simplistic look then the traditional riser kits from Hudson Reed or Ultra Beaumont may be ideal. Again, with superb quality it is hard to fault these or any shower from our classic range. Showerhead styles that complement the traditional aesthetic superbly are circular fixed heads as well as apron heads, so this is something to keep in mind when you are piecing together your design.

No bathroom is complete without the right taps, so it is crucial to pick the ones that compliment your design the best. With a fabulous range of top-quality monomixer, basin mixer and more taps to choose from, you can be sure to have completed your traditional design in quick time. The stunning Anglesy mixer taps from Burlington are a strong choice for anybody wanting to add that perfect touch of indulgence to their bath or basin. Another great option for creating an elegant aesthetic are the Arcade Pillar taps. They are extremely high quality and manufactured from a luxury brand that specialises in traditional bathrooms, so the back-in-time feeling is ensured with taps such as these.

Ensuring you have the right tiles for your traditional design is a key factor. We have found that light and dark wood effect & patterned styles are extremely popular with this design of bathroom. Our gorgeous range of Laura Ashley floor and wall tiles would be perfect for supplying a feeling of timeless elegance whilst easily withstanding the regular wear and tear of a lived-in bathroom. If you are leaning more towards the idea of patterned tiles then a rich Victoria style would look impeccable with traditional furniture, bringing together a bathroom that feels as if it has been pulled straight from the past.

Bathroom furniture is a charming way of giving a design that polished feel as well providing huge practicality. With the addition of a traditional bathroom cabinet or vanity unit, your space could be utterly transformed, and it is simpler than ever to achieve this beautiful effect with our gorgeous furniture ranges. A popular choice comes in the form of the stunning Burlington vanity units, supplied in a collection of classic colours. These top-standard units come with quick installation, so it is now easier than ever to add an undeniable touch of luxury to your bathroom.

Creating a high-quality traditional design does not have to be high stress and with an exquisite range of traditional products at your fingertips, your perfect bathroom can be yours. With right planning and our impressive line of bathroom essentials, creating a luxurious aesthetic is simplistic.