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VELUX White Painted INTEGRA GGL 206030 Solar Noise Reduction Roof Window PK06 94cm x 118cm

VELUX White Painted INTEGRA GGL 206030 Solar Noise Reduction Roof Window PK06 94cm x 118cm Product code: GGL PK06 206030
Product code: GGL PK06 206030
£666.52 (inc. VAT) £555.43 (ex. VAT)
VELUX White Painted INTEGRA GGL 206030 Solar Noise Reduction Roof Window PK06 94cm x 118cm

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£666.52 (inc. VAT) £555.43 (ex. VAT)


VELUX White Painted  GGL 206030U INTEGRA Solar Laminated Roof Window PK06 94cmx118cm

A step up from a manual window is the VELUX INTEGRA GGL. If you want ultimate comfort, the VELUX INTEGRA® is the answer. This innovative system of remote controlled windows, blinds and shutters lets you open and close with just one touch of the control pad. Use the predefined programmes, or create your own based on your needs: Waking-up, Airing out, On holiday and much more. With the remote control, you can reach every window easier and faster – from anywhere in your house. VELUX INTEGRA® is the ultimate choice for fresh air and a better indoor comfort.

All the same features as the VELUX INTEGRA® mains-powered roof window but solar powered; an integrated solar cell automatically charges the window. The solar cell requires direct exposure to the sunlight. No need for wiring makes installation even quicker and easier.

Benfits of the VELUX INTEGRA window

Fresh air and a better indoor comfort

    •       Sleeping, showering and cooking all increase the overall humidity levels in our homes. Poor indoor air quality seriously affects our general well being, but a few              daily routines can have a great effect on your indoor comfort. Let VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows give you a helping hand. Simply use the pre-defined                            ventilation programs and enjoy automatic airing.

Worry-free home security

No chance of rain

    •       Icon based control pad with eight pre-set programs. The programs can manage products and control the indoor climate – also possible to design personal                       programs 


What if it starts to rain and you’re not around, or too busy, to close your windows? All of our VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows come with a rain sensor that closes your windows automatically if it starts to rain – so you never have to worry about the rain damaging your home.

    •       Pre-installed hidden window operator 

    •       Silent motor operation 

    •       Rain sensor ensures that the window closes automatically in case of rain 

    •       Easy installation of mains powered decoration and sunscreening products 

    •       Control pad uses secure radio frequency (RF) technology to operate individual or groups of roof windows, blinds, awnings and roller shutters from anywhere in the building 

    •       Control pad can operate up to 200 products

    •        Ventilation flap allows fresh air to circulate even when your window is closed 

    •       Integrated dust and insect filter

White painted finish

Best in class white painted finish

    •       Bright white finish with discreet wood grain matches perfectly with modern interiors.

    •       Painted before assembly for a flawless finish and outstanding durability.

    •       Anti-fungal treatment ensures longevity of wood finish.

    •       Lower maintenance than pine finish roof windows.

    •       Perfect wood treatment Produced from high quality certified wood.

    •       Expert workmanship throughout. Continuous quality checks during production.

    •       Highly UV resistant water-based breathable paint to preserve a crisp bright look.

    •       Ideal for humid rooms, such as kitchens or bathrooms

    •       High quality natural pine painted white

    •       No visible joints

Centre Pivot

Put fresh air at your fingertips with a centre-pivot VELUX roof window. A centre-pivot roof window is easy to operate - even with furniture beneath. The innovative top control bar allows you to install the window lower than an equivalent top-hung operated roof window to get an excellent view while standing and when seated. We recommend centre-pivot windows if you have to, or wish to, place your window in a low position, for instance: in rooms with a low ceiling or where you’d like a better view of the surroundings below.

60 Glazing

  1. Laminated inner pane with sound insualtion foils 
  2. Toughened pane with sun protection and easy clean coating 


 VELUX ThermoTechnology features high performance 100% recyclable EPS insulation material which increases the insulating value The same bracket is used for both recessed and standard installations.

A simple red and blue line system shows where the bracket should be installed Click-on covers make the installation easier, faster and safer, reducing the number of screws required during installation High quality pivot hinges are designed to be highly stable and maintenance free The unique brushed aluminium ventilation flap makes it possible to let in fresh even with the window securely closed.

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