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Twin Flashing Kits

The Velux flashing kits are made to make sure that your Velux roof windows fit perfectly into your roof. Once installed they will make sure that your roof window is weather tight, secure and energy efficient whatever the weather. 

What is Flashing? 

The Velux window flashing kit encompasses your Velux Windows so that the water from the roof is collected into a built-in guttering system.  This gutter overlaps a second section of the Velux window flashing kit to help the water flow smoothly down the side of the window.  The flashing apron moulds to your roof profile allowing the water to drain away safely. When choosing your Velux flashing kit it is essential that it is for the correct type of Velux window as they have two types of installation standard or recessed.  The recessed installation is installed deeper into the roof structure so the Velux window doesn’t stick out as far above the roof line.  Each type of Velux flashing kit is made for certain tiles, installations of windows and roof pitch angles.   

Velux Twin Flashing

The Velux twin flashing kit is suitable for installation around two roof windows which are side by side and each kit comes for a specific set of distances between the two frames.  The kit comes in different materials suitable for slate, plain tiles and combination tiles. The Velux flashing kit comes with an installation guide to help you fit it correctly.   A Velux twin flashing kit provides enough materials to secure two windows with optimum energy efficiency.  Please make sure that you check the specifications on the product you select to make sure that you have the correct size for your window and the correct angle for your roof.  This will make sure that you get the best out of your Velux window flashing kit.

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