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Em-Glaze Flat Modular Rooflights

Em-Glaze Modular roof lights are an extremely high quality and visually pleasing flat glass roof lights which have been factory prefabricated ready for immediate installation.

Em-Glaze Modular roof lights

The Flat roof skylights are available in a variety of sizes and Em-Glaze Modular roof lights provide a clean and minimalistic finish both inside and outside of the building. These Modular roof lights would make a perfect addition to any Commercial or educational building and also family homes, allowing a great deal of natural daylight to enter any space below it, providing a happier and more calming environment for those working or residing within. Each Modular roof light incorporates an aluminium frame and includes a cill detail, and the aluminium is powder coated light grey which adds to the overall minimalistic look of the skylight within the building. One of the added benefits of the Em Glaze Skylight is that it also has impressive sound insulation allowing you to feel secure in the knowledge that there will be no excess noise disturbance inside or outside of the building.

Environmentally Better 

At Building Supplies Online we offer everything you need to get you started on your journey to a happier and healthier environment. By installing an Em Glaze flat roof skylight for lighting you will also be cutting down on bills as the sunlight that will be lighting your space will be absolutely free and the Modular roof light also holds unrivalled insulation value due to the double glazed glass and silk print edging. The Em Glaze Modular roof light also ensures extremely efficient water drainage which will guarantee a high quality, no leak Skylight for your building. Our Modular roof lights come in a range of sizes and allow you to transform any dark, dull space into a welcoming, warm and spacious environment which allows for a happy and healthy work and living life.

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