Roof Lanterns

Roof Lanterns

Roof Lantern Range

Explore our range of roof lanterns, designed to flood your home with the maximum amount of light possible.

Sky lanterns are a great way to bring natural light into your home, creating a light, fresh atmosphere in a room.

Sky lanterns are also an attractive, eye-catching architectural feature in themselves. They can increase the value of your house. They are especially suitable for conservatories, gazebos, sunrooms, and high ceiling rooms.

Our range includes sky lanterns suitable for almost any room without another storey above.

Roof Lanterns

The internal and external design of roof lanterns compliments any home while flooding any room with a huge amount of light. Atlas Roof Lanterns are designed, using super strong, light aluminium rafters to create slim profiles. While ensuring excellent thermal efficiency, making these lantern roof lights a perfect choice.

Traditional and Contemporary Roof Lanterns are available in a variety of sizes. They are designed to meet your flat roof requirements.

Our Range of Roof Lanterns

At Building Supplies Online we are proud to be a stockist of sky lanterns from ATLAS, one of the most trusted UK brands in glazing products. Atlas sky lanterns are approved by the British Board of Agrement (BBA). They are the UK’s independent certification and inspection body for construction products and systems. You can be confident that you will be choosing a high quality, secure, and durable product fr your home.

Our sky lanterns are double glazed and include a thermal break to provide the the best thermal performance. This helps to keep your heating costs low. They are watertight, pressure plated to withstand high wind pressures. They offer protection against UV light, with U-value as low as 1.2W/m2K due to the subtle, attractive blue tint. The glazing reduces glare from bright sunlight.

Our sky lanterns provide great protection against all kinds of weather. You will be comfortable and able to enjoy your sunlit room all year round. Their sturdy construction and pressure resistance means they are secure against potential intruders.

Our range of sky lanterns includes traditional, peaked sky lanterns in a selection of sizes, suitable for rooms of all sizes. We also offer flat sky lanterns from Atlas that can be installed on slanted as well as flat roofs.

All of our designs and sizes of sky lanterns are available in a range of rafter and frame colours. These include black, white, grey, and combinations of colours, so you can choose sky lanterns to match the external and internal look of your home.

The traditional peaked sky lanterns are specially designed with slimline ridge and rafters. This minimises the frame visibility and maximise the glazed area. So our sky lanterns allow as much sunlight as possible into your room, helping to create an attractive, desirable, and bright look for your home.

Roof Lantern Colour Choice

Both our traditional and contemporary roof lanterns come in a choice of colour options. This allows for a different colour on the inside and outside if preferred. The majority of roof lanterns chosen are a combination of black, white and grey as some people like black/grey on the outside with a white interior. However it is possible to choose 200 RAL colours available for bespoke orders.

Roof Lantern Benefits

The look and efficiency of roof lanterns have made them a preferred choice of many people looking to bring light into their homes. A great choice for those planning an extension or conservatory.

For bigger building projects, such as an orangeries, an indoor swimming pool or gym roof lanterns are the perfect way to create a light bright space. Roof lanterns come in many sizes and with industry leading thermal performance meaning you can use your space 365 days a year.

Roof Lanterns Looking Good Inside and Out

The feeling of space and light is wonderful as you stand underneath your roof lantern. Being connected to the sky day and night creates a stylish ambience and a sense of well being. With roof lanterns offering a choice of PVCu or aluminium the clean low external site lines ensure your roof lantern design looks great. With a quality finish and subtle design, your lantern roof light investment will be sure to enhance your home for many years to come.

Atlas Roof Lanterns

Our range of Atlas roof lanterns offers superb choice in style, size and quality. Atlas roof lanterns combine excellent design with outstanding thermal performance. This gives you confidence in your choice of lantern roof light.

We offer roof lanterns at an unbeatable price online. Standard sizes are available plus Made To Measure roof lanterns to your exact requirements. All the roof lanterns are made in the UK and are made from aluminium. Our main manufacturer supplier is Atlas roof windows.

How Much Do Roof Lanterns Cost?

The cost of roof lanterns varies depending on the size, style, brand and u-value. The u-value represents the measure of heat loss. Therefore meaning the lower the u-value the better the insulation properties in the product. Building Supplies Online offers a vast range of roof lanterns which will meet any requirement you are looking for in your home.

Which Roof Lantern should I choose?

Picking a Roof Lantern may seem daunting. Roof Lanterns can bring life to a room through a variety of colour shapes and sizes so it often seems like a very big decision. When you browse through our range of Roof Lanterns you will see at first glance that we offer a variety of shapes and sizes. This is because Atlas is aiming to make suitable Roof Lanterns for every build. Small or Large your Roof Lantern is going to offer you a supreme aerial view from your chosen room of installation.

With Atlas Roof Lanterns less is definitely more. Atlas Roof Lanterns put any property in a class of its own. The designs are constantly getting thinner, stronger and lighter. This means that your Roof Lantern won't have thick clunky support beams blocking your view or making it hard to install. Along with these new "less is more" designs we still stock the more traditional style Roof Lantern.

All Atlas Roof Lanterns are thermally efficient making them the leading competitor on the market. Our contemporary designs often dictate a little amount of intrusion. This is to maximize space within the room the roof lantern is installed in. Traditional Roof Lanterns are what they say in the name, they are designed to look like a traditional style of Roof Lantern.

Either contemporary or Traditional the quality of the Roof Lantern is the same and it just depends on the style you are going for. Browse through our full range of Roof Lanterns, and be sure to check the accessories we offer. Roof Lantern Installation Guide

Roof Lantern Installation Guide

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