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The ABS suncatcher is a sun pipe or sun tunnel that has ventilation built in as well.

A sun pipe or sun tunnel works by bringing in lots of natural daylight to a room that needs it, maybe a basement or interior bathroom. So adding extra daylight via a sun tunnel or sun pipe, plus ventilation to these areas will be a huge bonus, save on lighting costs and on dark stairways or hallways a sun tunnel will add safety by adding brightness.

What is an ABS Suncatcher?

The ABS suncatcher sun tunnel offers an economical ventilation and daylight lighting option which is ideal for smaller areas like a bathroom that would really benefit from this. A Sun pipe or sun tunnel would be ducted through the roof or even a wall using rigid or flexible piping as needed. The ABS suncatcher sun tunnel also expels stale air whilst ventilating the room with fresh air, by using wind power and warm air rising in the room. By using this natural flow of free air there are no running costs involved, so this is a very environmentally friendly system.

A sun tunnel or sun pipe has been proved to be an excellent thing to install as it can improve productivity and health levels just by providing natural daylight and in the case of the ABS suncatcher, ventilation as well which adds extra benefits. A sun tube or sun tunnel has a domed top outside or a flat vent which can fit in neatly with existing roofing, inside the room will be a smart diffuser similar to a light fitting.

How to use your ABS Suncatcher

A Sun pipe or sun tube can be used on a flat or pitched roof and by using a flexible sun pipe it can be fitted almost anywhere, however, a rigid sun tunnel or sun pipe will give maximum brightness.

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