In this section you will find a range of accessories that are compatible for use with our Monodraught Sun Pipe products.

Choosing your Monodraught Accessories

Whichever size of Sun Pipe you choose, you can buy additional fittings to customise it, helping you to get the most out of your purchase. These include aluminium end pipes, Sun Pipe Collars, replacement domes for your Sun Tunnel and 1m Sun Tube extension lengths. You must be sure to select accessories in the correct size to fit your Sun Pipe – if in doubt, check the description on an individual product to see its compatibility.

Each fitting has been designed to maximise the potential light output and subsequent enjoyment of your Sun Pipe. Using a Sun Tunnel or a Sun Tube is environmentally friendly and will also reduce the costs associated with artificial lighting. Additionally, there is substantially less heat loss involved with a Sun Tunnel than with a traditional rooflight. With all these benefits in mind, it is easy to see why the Sun Pipe system is so popular and why there is a full range of accessories available for use with your Sun Tunnel or Sun Tube.

They are all simple to install, just like the Sun Tube itself, so you will have no trouble fitting them to the Sun Tunnel already in place. If the diamond dome at the top of your Sun Tube has worn, there is no need to replace the entire Sun Pipe, as you can just buy a replacement dome. Or you can get a new-look diffuser to update your existing Sun Pipe and adapt it to suit your personal taste. The diffusers are part of a new range from Monodraught and are quicker and easier to install than ever before. Made from stainless steel, they are able to diffuse light around the room efficiently whilst looking effortlessly modern.

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