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ABS Suncatcher & Sola-Vent

ABS Suncatcher is made by monodraught and is a collaboration of two of their innovative designs to create one amazing product.

What is an ABS Suncatcher?

The suncatcher combines the benefits of their windcatcher and their sunpipe designs supplying fresh air and natural lighting to rooms without windows or with limited natural daylight. The windcatcher element provides a continuous fresh air supply whilst expelling the warm stale air while the sun tunnel collects the daylight through its diamond dome and it is reflected down a mirrored aluminium sun tunnel and distributed through the ceiling diffusers. Benefits of the sun tunnel

The sun tunnel creates a naturally lit environment and therefore promotes the many natural benefits associated to increased daylight. Natural daylight is much more beneficial to the human body than artificial light which is known to cause fatigue and can impact on mental health. The sun tunnel delivers healthy, natural light into the room and this is said to reduce the symptoms associated with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) by boosting the production of vitamins and hormones in your body.

Benefits of an ABS Suncatcher

The natural light delivered by the light tunnel will help to maintain the Circadian Rhythm of your body, reduce depression, alleviate pain and improve your sleep pattern and mood. In addition to the health benefits of the light tunnel with its natural lighting it will reduce the need for use of artificial light during the daytime and help to reduce the electricity costs within your home and in turn reduce the CO2 output back into the environment. During darker parts of the day the light tunnel has an LED which works in harmony with the right lighting to create a bright light close to that of the daylight.

The sun tunnel is made from PVD coated aluminium which wont deteriorate over time and comes with a 10 year guarantee. Independent tests from BRE demonstrate that in comparison to the other products on the market the Monodraught sun tunnel has the highest sustained reflectance and transmittance of light making it the most effective product on the market.

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