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Monodraught Sunpipe Accessories

Monodraught, also known as a light tunnel or a sun tunnel are efficient ways to allow natural lighting into your property.

Monodraught Sunpipe

A sun tunnel channels sunlight down a reflective sun tube from the roof and can transform a dark and lifeless room into an area full of natural light. The light can be channelled from up to 20m away through the sun tunnel from the desired location meaning that natural light can reach all parts of your home or business. There are two main types of sun tunnel or light tunnel; a rigid sun tunnel or light tunnel and flexible sun tunnel or flexible light tunnel, rigid being the better option of the two.

A rigid sun tunnel allows for more light to be transferred from the roof to your chosen room as less light bounces off the internal surface of the sun tube as the light travels directly from the roof to the ceiling. You can purchase either a rigid sun tube or flexible sun tube and depending on the length you need will determine the type of tube you should purchase. A Flexible sun tube are however an effective lower cost option. A flexible light tunnel are absolutely perfect for transferring light over shorter distances (up to 6m away) and if there are any obstacles in the such as walls, pipes etc.

In addition to the different types of sun tunnel or even a light tunnel you can also purchase different styles of monodraught, those having a rounded dome or flat glass cover being the most common. Monodraught is a leading manufacturer of sun tunnels and light tunnels. Both look the part and very stylish. Please be advised however that light is reflected when it hits a flat surface and therefore a small amount of light is lost when a flat glass cover is used in comparison to its rounded dome counterpart.

Choosing your Sunpipe Accessories

At Building Supplies Online we supply sun tunnels and light tunnels in various different sizes and widths, beginning at 230mm. Additionally, we supply all the necessary accessories and additional items that you may require such as diffusers, fire collars and light kits for your sun tunnel or light tunnel.

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