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Pine Windows

We have a tremendous selection of pine roof windows to choose from, whether that be a centre pivot or a top-hung pine window, we will have something suitable.

Pine windows are a popular choice because they match more traditional styles of interiors, due to their natural appearance, which would also look wonderful within a contemporary surrounding. 

Using Pine Roof Windows in your home

Pine roof windows are a perfect way to transform your home, by allowing natural lighting into your home and converting darker spaces into something brighter and more welcoming. If you are looking at a loft conversion these windows would bring welcome light and warmth into your new area whether it is for an extra bedroom, an office or a playroom the pine roof windows would open up the room. Pine roof windows are cost-effective, and are made from a natural pine; that has been given three coats of protective lacquer to preserve the timber, creating a product that will last.

Choosing Your Pine Roof Windows

The pine VELUX windows are ideal with their electric remote controlled selections to adjust the window that is out of reach or just for convenience from your seat. There are options on electrical or solar powered versions of the electric roof windows but there are also manually operated pine roof windows for the lower, easier access windows which have an easy to use top control bar. VELUX use their up the date technology to give you the best insulation in your home with their pine roof windows and use high quality natural pine to make sure the product is built to last. We also have alternative options for your pine roof windows from Brite who have other advantages such as a slimline design to allow more daylight in and a ventilation valve for use while the window is closed. Whatever your requirements you will find a selection of pine roof windows here.

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