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Reach for the stars with one of our gorgeous selection of Velux top-hung roof windows, a perfect way to add a bright, airy feel to your rooftop living space.

If you looking for a simple way to transform your rooftop living space into a room you will love, then look no further.

Why choose a top hung window?

Top hung roof windows are an easy and convenient way to add not only extra ventilation to your room, but can also offer a clear and unobstructed view of your skyline. If you are looking for a roof window that needs to be placed in a higher position but is still easy to access and can be positioned above furniture, then a top hung window is the choice for you.

What are the benefits of a top hung window?

A top hung roof window can help to maximise energy efficiency whilst creating the feel of extra space, so they are an ideal option if you are looking for a fresh and modern way to complement your home. With a convenient bottom handle for easy operation, our stylish array of Velux top hung windows are practical and come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

Are top hung windows easy to use?

All of our top hung windows are fitted with an easy to use bottom handle, and can also be rotated for easy cleaning inside and out, so that operating your top hung window could not be simpler. Our Velux top hung windows are all made from premium, high-performance materials, which means you can rest assured that you will not be disappointed by either the quality or the stunning effect that your new windows will have on your room.

Choose a Velux top hung window today, and let a little light into your life!

The sky is the limit with a Top-Hung Roof Window, their functionalities make them the perfect choice for various projects. Operated with an elegant handle at the bottom, VELUX top-hung roof windows give you a full, open view of the skyline, whilst maximising the amount of natural daylight that can be allowed in. Top-hung windows open outwards, avoiding unobstructed views, whilst creating the feeling of extra space.

We recommend top-hung roof windows if you have to, or wish to, place your window in a high position, for instance in connection with a high knee wall.

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