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Duo Blackout Blinds

Duo blinds are a versatile option when looking for the best way to dress your window.

The duo blinds are not only a blackout blind but they are also an opaque blind. This means your duo blinds are multipurpose and flexible to your needs on a day to day basis. We offer a range of Velux duo blinds on our website and have plenty of options on the colour of your blackout blinds to make sure they match your colour scheme while the opaque blind comes in a neutral white.

Velux Duo Blinds

The Velux duo blinds come with a classic blackout blind where you can block out the light totally and an opaque blind which will diffuse the light that enters the room. There are so many options available with the Velux duo blinds you are sure to find one to suit your room. Good quality and affordable the duo blinds are a versatile option when you are thinking of a change and they are easy to install. The Velux duo blinds runs in slim aluminium side channels making a neat finish to your roof window. The blackout blinds have aluminium backing to prevent heat loss and gain. With the dual options with the blackout blinds and opaque blinds you can have complete light control 24 hours a day. The large range of colours for the blackout blind mean that you can make it a feature of the room or blend to the colour scheme and the opaque blind in white works for whatever your requirements are. There is the addition of a Velux awning blind that you can add for additional protection should you wish to. Installation and cleaning of your Velux duo blinds Due to the unique pick&click!TM system you can have Velux duo blinds that are easy to install in minutes and can be dismounted easily for regular cleaning.

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