VELUX GGU FK06 006030 INTEGRA Solar Powered white noise reduction Roof Window Centre Pivot 66x118cm

VELUX GGU FK06 006030 INTEGRA Solar Powered white noise reduction Roof Window Centre Pivot 66x118cm Product code: GGU FK06 006030
Product code: GGU FK06 006030
£675.47 (inc. VAT) £562.89 (ex. VAT)

VELUX GGU FK06 006030 INTEGRA Solar Powered white noise reduction Roof Window Centre Pivot 66x118cm more

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£675.47 (inc. VAT) £562.89 (ex. VAT)


VELUX INTEGRA GGU 006030 FK06 66x118 Solar White Polyurethane Centre Pivot Window

The Velux GGU 0060 white centre pivot window FK06 offers a great new option for your kitchen spaces. The window has a central pivot meaning it is easily operated and has a polyurethane finish meaning that no moisture can enter in the joints making it durable and resistant to moisture. The window has a click -on covers, which makes it easy to install, as well as a top control bar which allows the window to be hung in areas of the house with less space compared to conventional windows.

The Velux GGU 0060 white centre pivot window FK06 is waterproof and maintenance -free, providing you with an easier way of living. The window also rotates on 1800 ensuring an easy way to clean.

The Velux GGU 0060 white centre pivot window FK06 has a slim frame ensuring more light can enter the room.
These windows have a white finish, rounded corners and can really brighten up any room and create a modern finish to your kitchens.

Benfits of the VELUX INTEGRA window

Fresh air and a better indoor comfort

    •       Sleeping, showering and cooking all increase the overall humidity levels in our homes. Poor indoor air quality seriously affects our general well being, but a few daily routines can have a great effect on your indoor comfort. Let VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows give you a helping hand. Simply use the pre-defined ventilation programs and enjoy automatic airing.

Worry-free home security

    •       Imagine if you could close all your roof windows with a single touch. Now you can, with the intelligent VELUX INTEGRA® control pad. Simply press the “Leaving home” icon and all of your VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows will close at once wherever they are located in your house.

No chance of rain


What if it starts to rain and you’re not around, or too busy, to close your windows? All of our VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows come with a rain sensor that closes your windows automatically if it starts to rain – so you never have to worry about the rain damaging your home.

    •       Pre-installed hidden window operator 

    •       Silent motor operation 

    •       Rain sensor ensures that the window closes automatically in case of rain 

    •       Easy installation of mains powered decoration and sunscreening products 

    •       Control pad uses secure radio frequency (RF) technology to operate individual or groups of roof windows, blinds, awnings and roller shutters from anywhere in the building 

    •       Control pad can operate up to 200 products

    •        Ventilation flap allows fresh air to circulate even when your window is closed 

    •       Integrated dust and insect filter


    •       Wooden core encased in moisture-resistant white polyurethane; the first choice for humid rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms.

    •       Maintenance-free, which is ideal for out-of-reach areas.

    •       Specially heat treated timber core delivers improved insulation.

    •      High quality moulded polyurethane protects the timber core and is easy to wipe clean.

Centre Pivot

Put fresh air at your fingertips with a centre-pivot VELUX roof window. A centre-pivot roof window is easy to operate - even with furniture beneath. The innovative top control bar allows you to install the window lower than an equivalent top-hung operated roof window to get an excellent view while standing and when seated. We recommend centre-pivot windows if you have to, or wish to, place your window in a low position, for instance: in rooms with a low ceiling or where you’d like a better view of the surroundings below.

60 Glazing

  1. Laminated inner pane with sound insualtion foils 
  2. Toughened pane with sun protection and easy clean coating 

VELUX ThermoTechnology features high performance 100% recyclable EPS insulation material which increases the insulating value The same bracket is used for both recessed and standard installations.

A simple red and blue line system shows where the bracket should be installed Click-on covers make the installation easier, faster and safer, reducing the number of screws required during installation High quality pivot hinges are designed to be highly stable and maintenance free The unique brushed aluminium ventilation flap makes it possible to let in fresh even with the window securely closed.

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