5 Decking Design Ideas for this Summer

Summer is around the corner and that means more time spent outdoors. You are looking at changing the appearance of your outdoor space. A great way to transform your outdoor living areas is to look at fixing your decking area. A deck is a great addition to the garden and a wonderful way to enjoy the warmer months.

Posted on 11th June 2019, 3 minute read

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It is a space you can entertain in, enjoy some quiet time, work, or enjoy a lovely meal outdoors. There are many decking options and styles to choose from that would suit the outdoor space you have. We have put together some unique decking suggestions that will truly make your backyard stand out.

Sophisticated Decking

Somewhat different from the traditional and classic styles used in gardens. A sophisticated deck takes the entire space into consideration, the seating, the plants, the lighting, the tables and considers how space balances out to create the most comfortable and appealing aesthetic. The colours and materials used are natural with emphasis placed on creating the best ambience. A sophisticated decking option is especially useful for those spaces that need to be creative with the use of the space.

Dark varnished deck ideas

Often people use clear decking stains that are natural or pale, and this makes for a wonderful, natural aesthetic. A garden or outdoor space that can pull off a darker or coloured, varnished deck will be unusual and eye-catching. Dramatic tones such as Dark Oak and richer colours like slate or black add a dramatic tone to your outdoor space.

The darker veneer stands out and demands attention but also creates a feeling of warmth and homeliness. If you added some candles or fairy lights this would make a truly magical outdoor seating space.

Timber Decking Board - 32mm x 125mm


Urban Rooftop

With space becoming a premium, an urban rooftop is a perfect option for residential and commercial buildings to have an outdoor space. It best utilizes the limited space by creating a high-rise green space or urban terrace and deck. Whether you are looking to add a new urban rooftop to increase your outdoor space or having a cosy space where you can enjoy the beautiful surrounding views, an urban roof deck is a great choice.

Your urban rooftop can be completely covered in decking or share the space with some lawn and plants. It is a truly innovative, space conscious, and low maintenance option that still allows you to experience nature and the outdoors.

Extra Seating

Another space conscious and innovative design option is including some built-in extra seating in your decking area. Having extra seating with built-in drink spaces and storage are all part of the new stylish and space savvy decking areas. It is a space that is very pleasing aesthetically as the seating would use your decking boards and match the rest of your decking area very well. It is also incredibly cost-efficient deck furniture that repurposes the decking board and doesn’t need to be replaced or stored away in the winter months.

You can also add storage to your seating that can be used for extra outdoor gear. Built-in deck seating can also provide lots of extra seating if you build it as a long bench along the perimeter of the deck or even just on one side. You can also add seating around plants and trees by adding a few cushions. Built-in extra seating would provide your deck area with more seating than a standard patio set would offer.

Timber Decking Board - 38mm x 150mm


Wall Decking

Decking can be adapted and built to suit many different spaces including the walls of your garden. It will connect the base and the walls and provide a superior and unified space. The decking material is quite versatile and will provide a safe and secure wall around your outdoor space. Decking can also be used to increase the space. If you add decking boards to the walls you can hang planters and containers between the gaps.

Wall decking will provide visual continuity to the space creating a cosy feeling and improve the overall aesthetic with the added greenery.

We have a range of high-quality decking options, sizes, and styles to choose from so that you can transform and change your garden. We offer premium timber deck boards, value timber deck boards, composite fascia boards, composite decking, and composite fixings. The decking options available to you are endless and it is the best choice to transform a smaller garden space, add to a larger garden as a statement area and helps even out uneven outdoor areas.

If you want something that blends into the surrounding nature or is a statement piece. When choosing the best decking option for you, think of the size of the space, your budget, taste, and lifestyle.