5 Freestanding Bath Ideas

Our bathrooms are no longer purely functional spaces and we are taking the time to carefully consider interior design in the bathroom as much as anywhere else in our homes. A freestanding bath is the perfect way to combine utility and design in the bathroom.

Posted on 10th June 2019, 4 minute read

Burlington Blenheim Freestanding Single Ended Bath


We’ve come up with some ideas on how you could incorporate a freestanding bath into your home and there is something for every type, from the modern semi to the period terrace and the small country cottage to the traditional farmhouse.

Classic and Traditional

When you think of a freestanding bath, what instantly springs to mind is the typical roll-top tub mounted on claw feet. This type of bath looks beautiful paired with natural materials and muted tones.

Imagine sliding into a tub of silky bubbles in a cosy country cottage, a peaceful atmosphere created by a beautiful oak floor and low, beamed ceiling, warm fluffy white towels waiting to wrap you up. The classic white roll-top bath paired with a bath-mounted double tap in sparkling chrome completes the picture.

Our range from Burlington offer some perfect examples such as their Windsor Freestanding Double Ended Bath. With this classic style being such a staple choice, the options are extensive. With price points starting under £350 those with smaller budgets also have the option of a freestanding bath.

Sleek and Contemporary

Freestanding baths are not just for the die-hard traditionalists, oh no! There is a world of freestanding baths suitable for the modern home that is really versatile and certainly caters for all budgets.

Cleargreen is one of our trusted suppliers and their clean modern designs come in under £600. Their gorgeous curvy Freefuerte Freestanding Bath offers a softer feel while their Freefortis Freestanding Bath with defined corners gives a sharper look.

If you have a bit more cash to splash, Clearwater also have some exquisite natural stone baths such as their Teardrop Grande Freestanding Bath which is perfect if you want something a bit different.

Burlington Hampton Shower Bath RH Freestanding


For a sleek and contemporary look, brilliant white is a perfect colour choice and would look great against any decor. Finish the look with a floor mounted tap that won’t disrupt the clean shape of the bath.

Design Statement

No matter what style you choose, opting for one of our freestanding baths gives you a unique chance to add a show-stopping focal point to your bathroom.

One such option for an eye-catching centrepiece would be the Clearwater Balthazar Freestanding Bath. With its stunning nickel finish, this bath will dominate the bathroom and lift the feel of the entire room to the point where you’ll feel like you’re in a five-star hotel - in your own home!

From one of the leading suppliers, this bath has both looks and substance. Not only do you enjoy the stunning style, but the main material is also natural stone which is naturally hard-wearing so you can be sure you are buying a long-lasting item - you’ll be delighted to know with this incredible longevity that this style will never go out of fashion!

Decadent Bedroom Suite

This one is for the brave among you, no doubt about it, but if you summon the courage to go for it you may just feel you made an inspired decision.

Surprisingly, baths are becoming a luxury item. Most people use showers for their daily cleaning routines, and our modern bathrooms may not have room for both a shower and a bath. This doesn’t spell the end for the trusty bathtub; one solution is to migrate it to the bedroom - here are a few reasons why this may be more likely than you might think:

  • Decadence - Bringing a bath to your bedroom makes a real statement. It can add a regal feel and sense of luxury, and if you carefully consider the rest of your decor it will blend into the point where you couldn’t imagine your bedroom without it. 
  • Space - This option may mean you don’t need as much space for an en-suite, and can be a perfect option for many floor plans. 
  • Privacy - For some, the bedroom is the most private room in the house, possibly the only room that isn’t shared and therefore it’s the optimum place for a relaxing, serene haven as you escape from the stresses of daily life. 

Lux Family Bathroom

The Kennington Traditional 5 Piece Bathroom Suite


Perfect if your family loves a bit of pampering, a freestanding bath will also give your bathroom a fashionable edge. After all, who says a functional family bathroom has to be boring?!

A freestanding bath looks beautiful when paired with a separate shower and having the option of both will make your bathroom such a flexible space. Use the same style of tiling in the shower and around the bath to give a seamless look.

An open walk-in shower with a simple glass screen will not distract from a centrepiece bath and if you coordinate the bath taps and shower fittings, this will really marry the two areas together.

You might think freestanding baths are all about looks, but they are also brilliant on a functional level. With the option of a double ended bath and the ability to situate floor mounted taps wherever you like around the bath edge, they are great for bathing kids without taps and fittings getting in anyone’s way!

We really hope these ideas have inspired you and helped you see how a freestanding bath could work for you, whatever your design taste or type of property you own, as well as showing you that you really don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality.