Advantages of Aluminium Roof Sheets

If you are embarking on a new roofing project but are unsure whether using aluminium roof sheets would be the right option for you, why not take a read through our strong list advantages to help you decide.


Aluminium is strong, very strong. So strong in fact that it has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal and is even more robust than steel. Because of this factor, you can have peace of mind that your roof is very well protected from breakage and anything else really.


Rooves crafted from aluminium sheets can last up to a whopping 50 years, usually even longer, so putting in the extra hard work now seems like nothing for the incredible longevity that is promised with this choice of material. Compared to many other types of roofing, aluminium can last up to 40 years more so need for constant replacement is not a worry you need to have.

Installation & Maintenance

Installing aluminium sheets is really a breeze. In short, all you must do is cut the sheets to the right size and fasten to the roof trusses. Simple, right? Maintaining your roof is even easier because due to its high-strength performance, all you have to do is touch up the paint when needs be to prevent your top-grade roof from rusting, saving you time, money and energy.


Aluminium is much more malleable than other roofing materials so it can be bent and moulded into your desired shapes a lot quicker and easier. Another huge bonus that doesn’t waste your time.


Safety is a huge factor in any building project you undertake and everything down to the materials you use should be factored into this. So, you will be pleased to hear that aluminium sheets are perfect for roofing due to their great safety aspects. They are non-flammable and non-combustible meaning you can have peace of mind in terms of fire hazards. In addition to this, the incredible strength of aluminium paired with an impressive level of absorption means they have huge resistance so anything that may fall on your roof will definitely be stopped.

Friend to The Environment

At no compromise to the incredible performance of aluminium, you may be surprised to discover that the roofing sheets can contain up to 90% recycled materials. A huge advantage and especially brilliant for those who prefer working with environmentally friendly products.

Ideal for Beginners

If the thought of starting a roofing job sounds extremely daunting, know that it doesn’t have to. Aluminium sheeting is perfect for those just starting out in the world of roofing and unlike other metals, it is very easy to work with, cut, measure and manipulate as well as being suitable for a wide range of buildings.

Saving Energy

A great factor of aluminium is that it reflects sunlight meaning that in the warmer months, the buildings it covers can remain cool, in spite of the high temperatures hitting it outside. In addition to this, it also aids in maintaining heat inside the house in cold weather which can highly reduce cost of things such as heating bills, saving you money.


Unlike some other roofing materials, high strength does not have to equal high weight. Extremely lightweight, aluminium sheeting does not add excessive weight to a building and additionally installation and transportation are miles easier because of this.

Rust Resistance

Being constantly exposed to the outdoor world, a roof needs to have the qualities that make it able to withstand conditions and not be constantly corroding. Aluminium sheets are ideal as they are corrosion resistant and do not easily rust, even in highly industrial environments.

Attractive Appearance

Not only does aluminium hold a huge array of practical qualities, but it also can create a chic polished aesthetic that has become increasingly popular in roof design over recent times. Now with a variety of different coatings and finishings available, you can create the perfect look for your roof without compromising on quality.

Many factors play into why aluminium sheeting is such a popular roofing option and after reading through the best ones, why not give it a go when embarking on your next roofing venture?