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Explore our range of Bath Screens from well known brands including Hudson Reed, Roca and Burlington

Essentially a modern take on the classic bath curtain a Bath Screen is necessary if you’re looking to install a shower above your bath.

Bath Screens are created specifically to prevent water from splashing or leaking onto clothes or other bathroom appliances and unlike bath curtains do not need changing regularly due to their durable design. A Bath Screen can significantly contribute to the appearance of your bathroom and with over 40 Bath Screens to choose from you’ll be sure to find the perfect design to suit your bathroom. When choosing your Bath Screen, there are many things you need to consider such as the size of your bath and the style of your bathroom. We offer an extensive range of Bath Screens from well known brands including Bayswater, Hudson Reed and Ideal Standard in a variety of styles and sizes. 

Why do I need a Bath Screen?

Are bath screens just an unnecessary cost? The short answer is no, they are an integral part of how your bathroom functions and without a bath screen you can encounter several problems. Firstly, however powerful or unpowerful your shower stream is, once you get into the shower water will spray out of the bath. For most baths that are tucked into the corner of a room, most sides are covered and if sealed properly this is not an issue. But the open side from which you enter your shower bath is often unprotected. Shower curtains can counter this problem but are prone to rot or mould because of the constantly humid environment. Bath screens don't have this problem since they are almost always glass with rubber rot resistant seals running along the bottom to ensure no water escapes. Without a bath screen, water can collect on your bathroom floor which is not only a slip hazards but can cause water to drip through the floor if your bathroom floor is not completely water-tight. Additionally, it is unusual to have a floor drainage system in most personal bathrooms which means that water has nowhere to go once on the floor, again creating a slip hazard and requiring you to either mop up the excess water or use a towel.

Choosing your Bath Screen

Typically, the most popular style of Bath Screen, the ‘Single Bath Screen’ features one single glass pane and can be moved to allow access in and out of the bath. Our Britton Single Bath Screen features clean lines and a modern design making it a great addition to any double or single ended inset bath.

Alternatively, our ‘Double Bath Screens’ feature two glass panels with a hinge in the middle, this design of bath shower screen can fold inward to double up as a shower enclosure for the ultimate private showering experience.

If you’re looking for a bath screen that doesn’t make so much of a statement our collection of ‘Foldaway Bath Screens’ can be easily folded up when not in use or unfolded to provide a fully functional Bath Screen. Our April Four Fold Bath Screen is ideal for families with small children as it allows easy access over the bath or for smaller bathrooms where you may not have space for a ‘Single Screen’ that folds out.

When you think of a Bath Screen, you usually imagine it coupled with a more contemporary inset bath. We have Traditional Bath Screen options available too, our Burlington Bath Screen can be bought in conjunction with our range of Burlington Roll Top and Slipper Baths for the optimum Traditional Bathroom aesthetic.

If you’re looking to buy a Bath Screen on a budget, we have a number of Cheap Bath Screens available. Our Essential Bath Screen’s are made from premium quality tempered safety glass, feature elegant chrome hinges and start from just £67.50.

Completing your Bath Screen

All our Bath Screens offer clear glass protection and are easy to clean and maintain with a selection of our Bath Screens featuring useful extras including towel rails and shelves for extra convenience.

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