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Shower Doors

Used to allow access in and out of the shower and prevent water from spraying out the shower, our Shower Doors are available from well known bathroom brands including Premier, April Products, Aquamist and Twyford.

We offer a variety of shapes, styles and sizes of Shower Doors to suit your bathrooms functional needs, including Sliding Shower Doors, Pivot Shower Doors and Bi-fold Shower Doors.

Shower doors are available in several forms, they are bi-fold, hinged or pivot, or sliding shower doors. The main purpose of using shower doors to form a shower enclosure, is to contain the water within the cubicle. Your choice of shower doors will depend on the size of the cubicle that they will be attached to, or the size of the recess to be enclosed. Many shower doors have reversible fittings, so you can choose which way to hang the door. Bi-fold and sliding doors are great for smaller bathrooms as they need less room to open and allow access into the shower. Quadrant shaped shower doors are ideal for small bathrooms as the whole cubicle will fit neatly into a corner.

What types of Shower Doors are available?

Our Sliding Shower Doors are great for rooms where space is limited as they incorporate a fixed panel and a smooth sliding panel to allow easy access. Our range of Pivot Shower Doors from brands including, April Products and Aquamist, are known as the most popular Shower Door design. Pivot Shower Doors have the option of fitting to either the left of your shower or the right and open outwards from the shower, meaning when the door is opened 75% of it opens out into the bathroom. This design of Shower Door requires little maintenance as there is no sliding mechanism and is one of the more affordable Shower Door options available.

If you have lots of space then hinged shower doors that open right out are great. These are the easiest to clean too , as you can access all parts of the door easily. It is best to choose shower doors made of toughened safety glass. The glass is available in different thicknesses, the thicker the glass the more weighty it is and it will have a premium, luxurious feel to it. The toughened safety glass ensures if any breakage did occur, then the pieces of glass would be in chunks rather than sharp spiky pieces that would be dangerous. Shower doors are also made with anti-limescale glass to help prevent the build up of limescale and make for easier cleaning.

Anti-limescale glass is especially important in hard water areas, as they are more prone to limescale build up. Acrylic shower doors are another option, they are generally more economical to purchase and may be a safer option in a busy family bathroom. Acrylic shower doors are also lighter to work with, which can be useful during the installation process.

Our selection of Bi-Fold Shower Doors are designed specifically for either rectangular or square shower enclosures due to their folding door mechanism. Bi-Fold Shower Doors are not only used in houses, they are a popular design for caravans and mobile homes as they save bathroom space with the frame folding inside the shower. Our selection of Hinged Shower Doors feature a compact and sleek design and are the most similar Shower Door design to a standard door, these include Hinged Shower Doors with and without frames for the ultimate modern look. 

Our Shower Doors are available in a variety of glass finishes with the most popular being clear glass to give the illusion of more space in the bathroom and a tinted smoked glass, perfect if you want a more private showering experience.

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