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A Shower Panel is an integral part of most wet rooms and walk in showers, designed to keep water within the shower area of the wet room so your clothes, towels and toilet paper don’t get wet and the floor outside the shower doesn’t get slippery.

We offer a range of Walk in Shower Enclosures to suit a variety of budgets from a well known bathroom brand, April Products.

All our Wet Room Panels have been manufactured to the highest standard from durable glass, designed to stand the test of time. If cleaning Is your priority, Shower Panels for wet rooms are a great option as they don’t include a frame making them easy to clean. Walk in Shower Enclosures work better in bathrooms where space is at a premium however Shower Panels also work great if you’re converting a small bathroom into a wet room or simply want to add a Shower Panel to an existing wet room.

Shower Panels with Screen Flippers

A selection of our Wet Room Panels include a ‘Screen Flipper’ this is a panel of glass placed at the end of the Shower Panel to help prevent water spraying any further, we have these available in both hinged and swivel configurations. ‘Screen Flippers’ are designed to flip inwards to allow extra access and then have the option of turning parallel for a bigger screen.

What glass type is best for a Shower Panel?

Our Walk in Shower Enclosures and Wet Room Panels are available in either clear glass, allowing you to see the key features of the shower from outside the shower and smoked glass, perfect if you want a more private showering experience. Our April Prestige Wet Room Panels feature two Shower Panels together to create a more bespoke and unique Walk in Shower Enclosure, this design allows you to choose the configuration of your shower.

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