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Large Shower Trays

To prevent excess water dampening your bathroom floor, you can look at convenient and affordable shower trays. Often doubling up with shower cubicles, they can come in multiple different sizes to fit your particular shower, for the most comfortable and roomy shower, the Large Shower Tray proves to be best.

Why Choose a Large Shower Tray?

Usually made from a pristine and reliable white acrylic, a Large Shower Tray proves to be a brilliant choice for many out there, fitting in with both contemporary and classic bathroom designs, a 1700 x 700 shower tray the dimension will be sure to give you enough room to move comfortably while keeping your floor dry. A 1700 x 700 shower tray also proves to be exceedingly easy to clean due to the wonderful acrylic finish that doesn't allow for dirt to build up.
As an extra benefit, these trays are lightweight in comparison to other showers on the market.

Making a Choice

Although these trays come in many comfortable shapes such as square, quadrant & pentagonal, easily one of the most popular options is large shower trays rectangular, this is due to their spaciousness and versatility when fitting with most bathrooms. These Large Shower Tray's can also come in many unique finishes such as acrylic, stone & steel that allows you to be more versatile when choosing your particular style. Whichever style you choose, you can count on the fact that large shower trays rectangular are very easy to install with their slimline designs and flat underside to ensure ease of use.
Due to the excellent design of a Large Shower Tray, you're always guaranteed a great experience with the bevelled edges that prevent Water from leaking onto the floor. With the added advantage of them being easy to spruce up and install, a shower tray is a fantastic option for anyone.

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