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Shower Screens

Advances in design and simplicity of use have made Shower Screens an increasingly popular choice for screening off the shower area, replacing the formerly ubiquitous shower curtain for both showers over bath and dedicated wet rooms.

Our Range

It is little wonder the use of Shower Screens is taking off, as buyers increasingly choose them in preference to shower curtains, which are difficult to clean and prone to going mouldy.  Their increasing popularity can be attributed to advances in the design and manufacture of Shower Screen Parts that has made then easy to clean and able to be used with almost any bath or shower system.  Our range features straight screens, curved screens to match the profile of curved baths, hinged panel screens with two or four folding panels, and screens with an access panel that enables access to the tap system without having to climb in the bath.  In addition to the wide range of Shower Screens available for a shower over bath set up, there is also significant choice available for screens designed for wet room situations where the screen starts at floor level.

Making a Choice

When trying to choose which is the perfect screen from the vast selection of available Shower Screens, buyers will firstly want to consider whether they are looking for a screen that starts at floor level, as in a wet room situation, or is for a shower over bath set up.  The shape and style of the existing bath will affect the choice of the screen with curved screens available for curved baths, displays with hinged, foldable panels that enable more accessible access to the tap assembly or a Fixed Shower Screen for traditional straight edged baths which is often the most affordable option.  Ease of cleaning and resistance to mould, plus long service life, are all attractive properties of Shower Screens when compared to using shower curtains and buyers can choose from a wide range of designs to ensure whatever they want matches the existing bathroom decor.

Though convenient and adaptable, the difficulty of keeping shower curtains clean and mould-free meant that Shower Screens would inevitably take over as the screen of choice.  Their versatility and smart design to suit all shapes of bath has made the screens understandably and justifiably the popular choice.

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