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En-Suite Bathrooms

There's nothing better than having an en-suite. Whether you first experienced this luxury at a hotel or a friends house, it truly is jaw-dropping. Well, why not introduce this to your home? Don't worry, it is not as hard as it sounds.

Our Range

An en-suite is typically a bathroom accessible from a bedroom. Don't limit yourself with your en-suite bathroom. Our range starts with some simplistic products which can bring a touch of class to your potential en-suite. We have some classically white basins and close coupled toilets available, but the range doesn't stop there. Delve deeper and find some more en-suites where we offer a variety of basins and toilets. Some include semi-pedestal basins and concealed cistern toilets. With our en-suite range, you can truly create a perfect en-suite.

How small can an en-suite be

An en-suite doesn't have a size maximum but potentially has a minimum size. To class as an en-suite, you have to be able to fit a basin and a toilet in the room with the conventional plumbing required. That means that an en-suite can be no smaller than the size needed for a toilet and a basin. That said, if you have an abundance of space, you can include shower enclosures and baths in your en-suite.

Should an en-suite have a bath

Your en-suite does not have to have anything you do not want! That means, if you wish to have an en-suite with just a basin, then that is fine. If you want to have an en-suite with all the trimmings, such as a toilet, basin, shower, bath and furniture that is also fine and it still classes as an en-suite.

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