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Rimless Toilets

Rimless toilets are a new and fantastic alternative from regular toilets. Growing in popularity, it's clear to understand why. We have a great section on our website to choose from.

Our Range

Rimless toilets feature no rim inside the bowl. Although this may not sound like a huge difference from a regular toilet, it makes a great difference in hygiene levels and also prevents build up from limescale which helps to keep your rimless toilet looking clean all year round. Rimless Toilets are a great addition to our Modern Toilets Range.

We offer the top manufacturering brands of Rimless Toilets U.K on our website; all available for superbly completive prices you won't want to miss out. Our choice is predominately finished in a white colour which is perfect for matching with the rest of your modern or traditional style bathroom.

Making a Choice

When considering which rimless toilet is best for you, consider a number of different factors such as the overall budget of your spend. Rimless toilets are slightly more pricey than the usual toilets. However, it's worth the little bit extra as a lot more is to be gained.
They feature a direct flush technique, which washes the toilet pan more efficiently and provides a more powerful flush. Even though Rimless Toilets include a more powerful flush, the amount of water that is used is minimal making it more environmentally friendly and helping to reduce your monthly water bills. Also, the direct flush cleans the whole pan leaving no spot untouched to ensure that hygiene levels are kept to a high standard.
Our collection of rimless toilets online is excellent and we are sure to have something that fits into your budget and also matches your tastes. Our Rimless Toilets are available in a number of different toilet styles including;
Browse our selection of rimless toilets online today; we have excellent prices and a vast selection to choose from in different styles and projections. We are sure to have something that fits into both a modern and traditional style bathroom perfectly.

Still can't make a decision on your toilet? Check out our How to Refurb your Bathroom on a budget page and see if it can give you a bit of inspiration.

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