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Square toilet seats are a thing of the future. Perfect in modern bathrooms with a minimalist design, they are perfect to compliment this. We have a huge selection online to choose from in differing materials and sizes.

Our Range

Our range of superb square toilet seats is endless. We offer a wide range from low to high prices but all extremely competitive. Square toilet seats are perfect for more modern styled bathrooms. Generally, they are minimalist and consist of beautiful angles and profiles, which is why they compliment a modern interior superbly well.

Our range includes different types of square toilet seats;

  • Wood 
  • MDF 
  • Plastic. 

All of which have their own benefits.

Making a Choice

Once you ready to purchase, you should consider a multitude of factors which are all equally as important. Your current toilet will dictate the shape and style of your square toilet seat. We offer a range of sizes to compliment smaller projection toilets and also regular sized ones too. Wooden square toilet seats look fantastic although, they are not as durable as plastic so for large families we wouldn't recommend.

However, they do look superb in traditional style homes providing a wonderful mix of modern and classic style. All of the seats in this style come as soft close square toilet seats, which is excellent for noise reduction during use. 

In summary, we have a wonderful collection of square toilet seats to choose from. All come with the necessary fixings to install. Also, some come with a manufacturing guarantee to give you peace of mind well into the future. 

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