Boiling Water Taps - Are They Worth It?

Insinkerator HC3300SN Hot & Cold Water Tap with Installation Kit Brushed Steel


Boiling water taps are becoming increasingly more popular in today’s household kitchens. Due to the convenience and luxury of providing instant hot water, they are one of the most desired appliances for those designing a new kitchen.

There has also been an increase in demand within the workplace. As well as looking stylish, they can save you time and money but are they really worth it?

Estimates say that around 90% of British adults drink tea or coffee daily. That means that approximately 24 million households boil a kettle at least once a day.

A boiling water tap saves time; instead of having to wait around for the kettle to boil, you have that instant hot water readily available. Not just that but you will only use the exact amount of water that you require, saving energy and water from overfilling the kettle, which we all do regularly.

How many times have you wasted that excess water by throwing it down the plughole? On the other hand, there are those times when you do not put quite enough water in the kettle and have to wait for it to boil all over again!

A boiling water tap is not just for making hot drinks but it is extremely useful for anything else. You may boil a kettle for things such as cooking pasta, steaming vegetables and helping to clean tough stains. They are also immensely handy for someone who may struggle to lift a kettle.

Examples from Our Range

Many boiling water taps that are available such as the Insinkerator HC3300SN Hot and Cold Water Tap With Installation Kit Brushed Steel filter the water so you will have no issues with limescale and will certainly notice the difference in taste when making a cup of tea or coffee.

With their trendy, modern designs, boiling water taps look great in the kitchen. They free up space from having an unsightly kettle stood on the sideboard, which would be a great asset for the smaller kitchen. As a boiling water tap is one of the fastest growing kitchen accessories, they could also add value to your home and be a crucial selling point.

It is possible to buy a boiling water tap that also offers a cold-water function such as Insinkerator H3300C Hot & Cold Water Tap with Installation Kit in Chrome that could quite easily be used to replace your traditional kitchen tap, rather than having an extra tap for boiling water.

Elegantly designed, boiling water taps look sleek and stylish and give a neat and refined look to a kitchen area.

When installed in the workplace, a boiling water tap will boost the productivity of staff and minimise any time wasted while waiting for a kettle to boil, efficiently dispensing instant hot water at the touch of a button.

InSinkErator GN1100C Chrome Instant Hot Water Tap


Depending on the design of boiling water tap you choose, one such as the Insinkerator H3300C Instant Hot Water Tap provides enough hot water to make up to 100 drinks per hour. Waiting just 3 minutes a day for the kettle to boil equates to 18 hours per year!

All this sounds great but what are the cons of boiling water taps? Although they are referred to as ‘boiling’ water taps, they do not actually produce water that is boiling at 100°C, usually, it is around 98°C. Before this puts you off, think about whether you really need water that is as hot as 100°C.

In fact, teas should be made with water that is not quite boiling as it scalds the tea and coffee producers recommend we make it with water less than boiling, so as not to burn the coffee beans and cause a bitter taste.

Is a boiling water tap expensive?

You may be reluctant to purchase a boiling water tap due to the cost. Yes, they are noticeably more expensive initially but think of the amount of money you could save over the years without having to boil or replace a kettle.

Having constant, instant hot water, you would expect that a boiling hot water tap would be expensive to run; however, experts say they are more economical than the average kettle, particularly if you boil your kettle several times a day.

Are they safe?

Understandably, people question the safety of boiling water taps around children. There are boiling water taps available that feature child safety functions, such as anti-scald devices, childproof handles and insulated sides, which will not get hot even when the water is running.

Boiling water taps are fixed in one place without any trailing wires and they do not carry the risk of being knocked over by a child, as a kettle does.

Boiling water taps are available in a range of stylish designs with differing features, so you can choose the one that meets your needs and complements your kitchen.