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Ibstock bricks are are a popular choice for the outside walls of any building work. They have been used for many years especially in house building.

Ibstock bricks are designed to be seen as they have a clean and even look to them, ideal for exterior facades.

There are over 1000 different facing bricks available and Ibstock bricks have a huge range to choose from. This type of brick can be made in several different ways, so there are different types available depending on the way they are manufactured.


Ibstock as a business date back nearly 200 years. However, focusing on Ibstock Bricks PLC they have been more prominent since the early 20th Century. Ibstock have been constantly growing since the early '80s despite their financial vulnerability. In the late '80s, two companies offered to buy Ibstock for up to amounts of £52 million.

Ever since Ibstock have been increasing in size and wealth and this has been shown through their increasing production and quality of their products as they grow. They have distribution all over the world. Ibstock's distribution reached America in the late '80s and also opened up their first work in Scotland in 1994.

As of 2015, Ibstock group include Ibstock Brick, Ibstock Kevington, Supreme Concrete, Anderton Concrete, and Forticrete. Ibstock is the largest UK manufacturer of clay and concrete building products. As Ibstock is the UK's leading brick maker they understand the importance of making their products sustainable and have set their aims to keep in line with sustainability.

Ibstock focuses on staying prominent within local social groups. It is clear to Ibstock that keeping active in local communities is important, and it allows them to get their products delivered to smaller communities. As well as supplying local communities, Ibstock also tries to source materials from local communities. This is essentially giving back to British businesses.

Why you should choose Ibstock

  • Ibstock have won many prestigous awards surrounding the world of brick making. 
  • They constantly strive to better their products whilst giving back to the environment and local communities. 
  • Being the UK's biggest distributor for bricks they are a reliable supplier. 
  • Along with this all of Ibstocks manufacturing sites hold BES 6001 for the sourcing of their products. 
  • They are also registered to ISO 14001, the international Environmental Management Standard.


Along with social progress, Ibstock focuses on their economic growth. Ibstock stands firmly behind their idea of high efficiency, low carbon technologies. Ibstock's constant investment in energy efficient projects is positively affecting their business as well as decreasing their effect on the environment. As well as economic growth, Ibstock also has an aim solely focusing on the environment. Ibstock's bricks, averagely only travel 82 miles. This has had a positive effect on traffic congestion, vehicle emissions, and fuel usage. Thus, having a lesser effect on the environment.

Ibstock also uses natural resources. They operate the most energy efficient factory in Europe, with proven energy reduction year-on-year. The average product produced by Ibstock contains 10% recycled waste material. This is making our vulnerable natural clay supply for longer amounts of time.

Our Ibstock range includes a variety of bricks. All of these Ibstock bricks are different colours and styles. Some are more rustic styles, whereas some Ibstock bricks are clean cut, and hold a more contemporary style. No matter your personal preference you can be guaranteed that Ibstock and their brick range will supply a quality product for you.

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  1. Image for Ibstock  Ivanhoe Olde Village (65mm) 430 Pack
    Ibstock Ivanhoe Olde Village Brick 65mm - Pack of 430
  2. Image for Ibstock  Grosvenor County Mixture (65mm) 430 Pack
    Ibstock Grosvenor County Mixture Brick 65mm - Pack of 430
  3. Ibstock Crowborough Multi Stock Brick 65mm - Pack of 500
    Ibstock Crowborough Multi Stock Brick 65mm - Pack of 500
  4. Image for Ibstock  Grosvenor Autumn Flame (65mm) 430 Pack
    Ibstock Grosvenor Autumn Flame (65mm) 430 Pack
  5. Ibstock Birtley Olde English (65mm) - 392 per Pack
    Ibstock Birtley Olde English (65mm) - 392 per Pack
  6. Image for Ibstock  Anglian Red Rustic Brick 65mm 316pk
    Ibstock Anglian Red Rustic Brick 65mm - Pack of 360
  7. Image for Ibstock  Anglian Beacon Sahara Brick 65mm 316pk
    Ibstock Anglian Beacon Sahara Brick 65mm - Pack of 316
  8. Ibstock  Coleridge Yellow Multi (65mm) 500 Pack
    Ibstock Coleridge Yellow Multi (65mm) 500 Pack

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  9. Image for Ibstock  New Burntwood Red Rustic (65mm) 316 Pack
    Ibstock New Burntwood Red Rustic 65mm - Pack of 360
  10. Image for Ibstock  Calderstone Russett (65mm) 404 Pack
    Ibstock Calderstone Russett Wirecut Facing Brick 65mm x 215mm x 102mm (Pack of 500)
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