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London Brick Company Hanson LBC LB

The London brick company has been producing bricks for over 140 years, they are a hugely popular brand and over 5 million houses are believed to be built with them in the UK.

Why Choose LBC Bricks?

LBC bricks are now used in 23% of all UK housing building projects, particularly in the south of England. LBC bricks are a high-quality facing brick at an economical price. Choosing a good facing brick form LBC bricks can make a huge difference to your property value.

LBC bricks are made from natural materials that are a hard clay that burns well when fired ensuring a great standard of brick, and being natural can be recycled at the end of their useful life. LBC bricks have a ""frog"" which is a special scoop out of the top of the brick, which aids the firing of the brick and is a special characteristic of the London brick company bricks. The ""frog"" on LBC bricks makes them easier to handle and should be laid uppermost for extra strength and rain resistance.

LBC bricks are made exclusively by the Forterra company and are made mainly for housebuilding, renovation and maintenance of properties. LBC bricks are ideal for building extensions and renovation work where colour matching to the original building is important.


  • They are available in 23 different styles, with many textures and a huge range of colours from yellows, buffs, to classic reds so there will be something for every building project. 
  • All the London brick company bricks are available in a standard 65mm size and four styles are also in 73mm size. 
  • As Lbc bricks are made of clay they have great thermal properties, meaning your house will stay warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • They also have fire resistance which is a great safety feature for any property.

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