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Cavity Closers

At Building Supplies Online we stock Cavity closer products from Kingspan and Gyporoc in several size options. Cavity closers should be an integral part of a cavity wall, usually for doors and windows fitted into a structure.

The Thermabate insulated cavity closer is supplied in six basic sizes to suit cavities 50-100mm wide. These cavity closers come in 3-meter lengths and are colour coded for ease of identification. Wider cavities can be closed using the jointed clip to link two sections of cavity closers together. The Thermabate insulated cavity closer insulation provides a simple and efficient method of insulation around openings in masonry walls.

The cavity insulation foam core prevents thermal bridging, while the PVC-U box section forms a positive damp proof barrier which is key for the direct application of plaster. The insulated cavity closer  will prevent condensation, pattern staining and mould growth frequently associated with traditional methods of closing cavities.

Thermabate insulated cavity closer removes the need for cut bricks or blocks to close cavities and avoids problems encountered when supporting traditional damp proof course structures and insulation boards during construction Thermabate is a PVC-U extrusion with a CFC/HCFC-free insulating core, available in six sizes, colour coded for instant identification. By allowing the Thermabate sections to be joined, Jointing clips can extend the range further. Thermabate offers a time-saving profile when built in and ensures a more positive detail around openings. It is suitable for use with timber, metal or plastic window frames and can also be supplied to order in curved sections. Our business pursues innovation, to provide exceptional customer service, to encourage customers to put their faith in us and in return to recommend our services to friends and family; which will help us to establish a good reputation.

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