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Cavity Wall Insulation

Explore our range of Cavity Wall Insulation from well known brands including Celotex, Knauf and Rockwool.

Having cavity wall insulation in your home can reduce the total heat loss by as much as a third. This is compared with homes with cavity walls that do not have cavity wall insulation. Fitting cavity wall insulation in your new home is important. Especially as we become more conscious of maximising energy efficiency of our homes. And by reducing energy loss with cavity wall insulation you can help to reduce the costs of heating your home.

If your cavity wall home was built without cavity wall insulation it can be worthwhile to have it installed retrospectively. The savings on your heating bills can pay for the initial installation costs in less than 5 years, and then make further savings in the longer term.

What is Cavity Wall Insulation?

Cavity walls are made up of two walls with a gap in between them. Cavity Wall Insulation fills this gap to stop heat escaping and reduce condensation within your home.

For Cavity Wall Insulation to be installed in your house you must ensure the gap between your cavity walls is at least 50mm wide. The brickwork of your home is in good condition.

Generally, Cavity Wall Insulation is made from three materials, mineral wool, foam or glass wool. All these materials can be exposed to high temperatures and offer great thermal and acoustic performance.

What are the Benefits of Cavity Wall Insulation?

Cavity wall insulation offers further advantages as well as improving the thermal efficiency of your home. The mineral glass wool used in most cavity wall insulation products also helps to improve sound insulation. This helps to provide the privacy and quiet atmosphere you want in your home. Cavity wall insulation products are typically moisture resistant. This helps prevent your walls becoming damaged by rot, mould, or bacteria. By occupying an otherwise vacant space in the walls cavity wall insulation can help to protect your home from invasion by pests. As mineral glass wool is non-combustible and flame retardant cavity wall insulation can reduce the risk of fire spreading.

Our Cavity Wall Insulation

Our range includes all kinds of cavity wall insulation so whatever your job you will find the right equipment at great value prices.

If you opt for complete-fill insulation you can choose from a selection of flexible or semi-rigid cavity wall insulation slabs. These can be made to the dimensions and thickness to suit your job. If you prefer partial-fill insulation we offer phenolic cavity wall insulation boards. These are available in a full range of thicknesses from 25mm to as thick as 100mm. So if you work in the construction trade or you are a specialist we can supply the cavity wall insulation products you need to do your job.

Installing your Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity Wall Insulation is installed by drilling holes in the external wall, the Cavity Wall Insulation is then injected in between the walls.

Choosing your Cavity Wall Insulation

Building Supplies Online has a great range of Cavity Wall insulation from leading manufacturers

This is to help ensure when deciding to insulate your walls we can provide you with the perfect Cavity Wall insulation product. Below are some examples from our Cavity Wall insulation range that we stock at Building Supplies Online. Please take a look at our other products in our Insulation section for anything else you may require.

We offer Cavity Wall Insulation from well known brands including Rockwool, Celotex and Knauf. Our Cavity Wall Insulation from Rockwool is made from a lightweight materials. It reduces heat loss without permitting water transmission.

Likewise, our Cavity Wall Insulation from Celotex is manufactured from reinforced glass fibre. It features a good reaction to fire performance.

All our Cavity Wall Insulation provides reliable long term energy savings for homes and buildings. It can be bought in a variety of thicknesses to fit a range of cavity walls.

The overall volume of insulating material you need ought to be estimated by measuring the loft. Cavity wall insulation is likewise very powerful and can help you save money on your heating bills. Wall cavity insulation must always be set up by a specialist. Cavity wall and attic insulation are also rather powerful.

In the event you require cavity wall insulation he'll check in your walls to ascertain if your walls have been ventilated. You ought to receive cavity wall insulation since it is fast, taking around 3 weeks, and it's really inexpensive.

Cavity wall insulation can be a wonderful method on insulation. It can significantly decrease the quantity of energy you should heat your residence. It's typically installed in just a couple of hours. With the assistance of a Government-backed grant, it's a low-cost means of helping save you money on your energy bills. This makes your house convenient and helping to protect the environment from global warming. It has to be installed by a skilled but is relatively cheap and will help you save over 100 a year in cost. It's also important as it reduces condensation in the house.

By using good quality single glazed windows you will see that the insulating material is around the specific same. It will be potential to receive your insulation installed free of charge beneath the ECO scheme. Besides degradation of warmth and power, installing cavity insulation may decrease potential dampness. Cavity wall insulation can be significant because it reduces condensation in the home.

Insulation is just a material to operate well with. Cavity wall insulation helps heating your house more efficiently. Therefore lowers the volume you should invest in heating your own residence. Installing cavity wall insulation is very successful in cutting your electricity bills.

You need to really have cavity wall insulation since it's fast, taking around 3 months, and it is inexpensive. Wall cavity insulation must always be set up by a specialist. The very first thing that you're likely to need to do before to basement cavity wall insulation is always to discover if you have a masonry or a cavity wall.

Celotex CW4000 Cavity wall insulation 1200mm X 450mm is a Cavity Wall insulation board aimed specifically at partial fill cavity wall applications. Celotex CW4000 Cavity Wall insulation is manufactured from (PIR) uniquely reinforced with glass fibre (except CW4025, CW4030 & CW4100) using what can be described as low emission blowing agents.

Rockwool Cavity Wall insulation for full cavity fill. Rockwool Cavity Wall insulation provides a completely cost effective and reliable method of insulating new masonry cavity walls. The lightweight Cavity Wall insulation batts considerably reduce heat loss without permitting water transmission from the outer to the inner leaf. Intermittent heating systems will be more effective whilst also reducing the risk of condensation.

DriTherm Cavity Cavity Wall insulation Slabs are semi-rigid or rigid slabs of non-combustible, glass mineral wool with a water-repellent additive. These Cavity Wall insulation slabs are 455mm wide to suit standard vertical wall tie spacings, ensuring a closed joint with adjacent slabs.

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