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Fire Retardant

At Building Supplies Online we know how important fire safety and fire protection is.

We stock fire protection products from leading UK insulation manufacturers giving you peace of mind regarding the protection of your family and home. Rockwool and SuperFOIL produce only the highest quality of products, are durable, easy to install and trusted throughout the construction industry. We offer the best in competitive prices and UK nationwide delivery. 

All our fire protection range meet the relevant British standard tests to ensure the prevention of fire and smoke spreading as well as being great insulation products to reduce heat loss and noise levels.

British Standard Tests

For a fire protection product to be passed and permitted to be used it will need to pass the relevant British standard tests covering fire protection. There are two main classifications:

  1. BS 476-1 classification follows fire protection tests on building materials and structures
  2. BS EN 13501-1 Fire classification of construction products and building elements

These consist of up to five tests with the objective of assessing the fire protection product and ensuring it meets the certain objectives including levels of heat, flame spread time, smoke release and rate of combustibility. Once satisfied, the regulators will provide an official fire rating classification know as 'Euroclass' which you will identify on our own range of fire protection products. 

Classification Guide

The BS EN 13501-1 classification consists of 3 different ratings. Rating 1 is regarded as the main Euroclass rating and appears as A1, A2,B,C,D,E and F. The highest level of fire protection will be the A1 and F would be the lowest. A1 fire protection products are classed as non-combustible and A2 fire protection products are classed as a limited combustible level whilst B to F are classed in descending order depending on the level of combustibility.

The second rating is regarding the level of smoke emission during combustion of a fire protection product. This is identified by a rating of s1, s2 or s3 again in descending order. This rating is not provided for any products which are classed as an E or F in the first 'Euroclass' rating.

The third rating relates to the level of particles or droplets produced by flames during the combustion process. The rating is indicated by d0, d1 or d2 again in descending order from highest to lowest. A1 rated fire protection products during the 'Euroclass' test are not given a rating for this third test as they are regarded as non-combustible anyway. F-rated products don't receive a rating as they are regarded as the lowest level of fire protection and E-rated fire protection products receive a d2 classification for particles/droplets spread.

BS 476-1 consists of two tests to acquire classifications; Class 0 and Class 1. These ratings do not indicate combustibility levels of the product and only refer to limited surface fire performance.

Class 0 and Class 1

Class 0 is governed by the Document B of the Building Regulations Act 1991. It is assessed on the product's surface contribution to fire (BS 476-6) and measures the flame spread across a fire protection product's surface including time and distance related (BS 476-7).

Class 1 is a classification system based on BS 476-7 only.

Browse our fire protection range to determine the best product for your project but if need any advice or have any questions regarding our fire protection range then please feel free to give us a call, send us an e-mail or join us on live chat where we will of course be happy to assist. 

If you are looking to extend the fire protection safety further in your home or construction project see our large range of internal fire doors which come in many stunning classic or contemporary styles and colours.

Once you have chosen your product from our fire protection range, why not browse our insulation accessories and other insulation products to complete your insulation project.

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