Polystyrene Sheets

Polystyrene sheets are a more economical and cost-effective way of insulating your home without paying through the nose, as well as being a favorite amongst construction material choices. Its lightweight form also makes it ideal for laying small layouts in restricted spaces.


Our range of polystyrene comes in a variety of different sizes and can be used for a vast range of different projects. Mainly our portfolio of polystyrene sheets can be used for insulation or other construction jobs. One of our more popular polystyrene sheets is our polystyrene sheets 50mm, made with expanded polystyrene material with a closed cell block. Some of our polystyrene sheets 50mm features and benefits include; their simplicity to be cut and handled, making them extremely versatile, a cost-effective alternative to other insulation materials, and their easiness to install compared to other insulation or construction materials. Our 50mm polystyrene sheets also have the added benefit of having a thermal value of 0.030 - 0.0033 W/mK, which is relatively high in comparison to other thermal values, despite being relatively thin in size, however, there are other sheets and sizes to choose from.

Making a Choice

When making a choice of which polystyrene sheet size to purchase, it is important to consider what you will be needing it for, as the different widths and sizes of polystyrene sheets can be used for a range of different jobs. Another choice of polystyrene sheet is the polystyrene sheet 25mm, which is relatively cheaper and thinner than the 50mm or 75mm, however, is made from the same expanded polystyrene material with a closed cell block. Our polystyrene sheets are white and generally are not suitable for cosmetic use, therefore making them the ideal choice for insulation. However, the 25mm polystyrene sheet, due to its thinner and lighter form, becomes the ideal choice for floor insulation above other forms of insulation. Polystyrene is ideal for floor insulation, not only due to its lightweight and thin form, but its sustainable and relatively high loading capabilities, meaning it can take a huge amount of weight without breaking or deteriorating.

In conclusion, when you are coming to the decision of best and cheapest ways to insulate your home, always consider using polystyrene sheets, as not only are they cheaper, but they will save you money in other ways with their long durability.

What are Polystyrene Sheets

They are thin layers of material that are based on polystyrene foam. The foam is made up of hydrocarbon molecules that come from petroleum and is inserted into a mould, with the help of air pressure, to create the Polystyrene Insulation Board.  For ease of use they manufactured to work the same shapes and sizes of plywood and drywall.

Polystyrene Insulation

  • Polystyrene Sheets are mainly used for building insulation. They come in a panel form and are installed between and under roofing, cavities in walls and sidings.
  • Many homeowners install them to improve thermal resistance between their interior and exterior surfaces.

Extruded Polystyrene Boards

The manufacturing process melts the polystyrene beads, adds a blowing agent and then extrudes through a metal die or mould to product the finished product.  These sheets hold a close cell structure and are very dense.  This makes a very strong, resilient product that is suitable for insulation.

Advantages of Polystyrene Insulation

  • They are very versatile and are manufactured as sheets to withstand higher impact
  • As they are a thermoplastic, they are malleable and can be reshaped more than once making them easily recyclable
  • They reduce noise, meaning homeowners can enjoy and quieter home that is properly insulation
  • As they are waterproof, they can help reduce water damage in your home
  • Polystyrene Boards are a low thermal conductor, keeping your home warm in the Winter but cool in the Summer
  • As a result of its great insulating properties, Polystyrene Sheets will help save money on heating and cooling bills all year round 
  • Easy to install and environmentally friendly

Our Range of Polystyrene Sheets are available in a variety of thicknesses and widths depending on the level of insulation you desire.  They are easy to cut and handle, simple to install and are available in various pack quantities.

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