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Roof Insulation

Roof Insulation

Explore our range of Roof Insulation from well-known brands including Celotex, Kingspan and Ecotherm.

At Building Supplies Online we stock a range of Roof Insulation including Roof Insulation Boards, Roof Insulation Membrane and Roof Insulation Multifoil from our suppliers.

Roof insulation is an important and a cost effective investment for your home or premises, conserving internal heat while preventing the ingress of heat through walls, floors and roofing throughout the building. Roof, floor or wall insulation improves the function of your home heating, making thermal performance more effective. Insulation can be directly fitted to the underside of the roof itself or between the beams and joists in your loft, or applied to floors and walls.

Our Range

Just by having an insulated home it can save you up to £225 per year on your energy bills, which is definitely going to save you a lot of money over a long period of time. Our website offers a wide range of the best roof insulation at great prices to suit your individual needs and requirements. Our products are of a high standard and good quality, so you will not be disappointed with the results when using our insulations for your roof.

How does Roof Insulation Work?

Insulation aims to conserve and keep in heat while preventing the transfer of heat through the walls, floors and roofing that encapsulates your home, this means that you will spend less time heating your home and your internal heating does not need to work as hard, even when someone leaves the window open...Since you don't need to heat your home as much you are saving money on bills while lessening your negative impact on the environment, a win-win.

Roof insulation, in particular, has a detrimental effect on how insulated your home is since heat rises the roof is the first place that heat can escape if you let it, roof insulation prevents or reduces this process. Additionally, in summer when the sun beats down on your roof insulation can prevent your home from feeling hot and stuffy. A common misconception about roof insulation is that it is just meant to keep your home warm, while this is true the reality is roof insulation reduced the movement of heat out. 

Heat loss in uninsulated properties can result in increased energy usage and higher bills, as warm air rises in the home for example, it can escape through the roof if insulation has not been appropriately installed. Additionally, during the warmer months, strong heat from the sun can be absorbed through the roof leaving your home feeling hot and stuffy.

Roof insulation in particular acts as a buffer to the penetration of this heat, resulting in a cooler and fresher environment, and your loft and other rooms feeling more comfortable during the heat of summer. All our insulation boards are designed to be easy to cut and fit, meet the appropriate environmental and quality control standards for your peace of mind and are suitable for use in a number of applications including roof, wall and floor systems.

How to install Roof Insulation?

The easiest and most cost effective way to install roof insulation is the cold loft option. This type of pitched roof insulation is placed over and between the wood beams. This will not only stop the heat excaping from your home but leave your loft space uninsulated so it remains warm in the summer and cold in the winter. Alternatively, warm insulation is installed directly under the roof. This type of pitched roof insulation will reduce heat loss and means your loft won't become hot in summer and cold in winter. 

Choosing your Roof Insulation

Celotex Pitch Roof Insulation Boards, Specifically the Celotex XR4000 Pitched Roof Insulation Board is designed for 'cut to fit' installation to fit between rafters or joists. It enables users to obtain low U values with a single sheet of Pitch Roof insulation and It can also be used for walls or floors.

Kingspan TP10 comes in 2400mm X 1200mm sheets and is a great multi-purpose Pitch Roof Insulation board. When securing this Roof insulation board you can you clip fix to the rafters or mechanically fix the board. Kingspan Thermapitch TP10 insulation board is a high-performance, rigid, urethane insulation, used at rafter level within tiled or pitched warm roof spaces. It is also known as PIR board which is the most commonly used insulation board. The insulation board can be used for Roofs, floors and walls. We offer the best prices to buy Kingspan TP10 online.

Recticel Eurothane GP is a high-performance, rigid, Roof Insulation foam board for use in Pitched Roofing, Flooring and Framed Wall applications. These boards can be used as an insulated sheeting or between the studs. Eurothane GP comes in a wide range of thicknesses, will assist in meeting the appropriate Building Regulation standards with any form of pitched roof construction.

Polyisocyanurate (PIR) was invented in 1937 and is the basis of rigid insulation boards and has been used as an insulation material ever since. Rigid Roof insulation boards (RIBs) generally offer many more advantages when comparing them to other types of traditional insulation materials.

Shop with us now to find the perfect insulation for your roof and see the vast benefits to the extra warmth within your own home and reduced energy bills. Our insulation offers you a warmer, cosier and cheaper home that everyone wishes for. 

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