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Explore our range of high-quality multi foil insulation from industry leading brand SuperFOIL.

Who are SuperFOIL?

SuperFoil manufacture foil insulation that is popular with both DIY and trade customers at highly competitive prices. They offer the highest performance multifoil insulation product of any manufacturer in the UK and offer the largest range of multilayer foil insulation in the UK and EU. Their products comply with the latest industry regulations and guidelines and are suitable for all building applications.

What is their Insulation Made up of?

They use an amalgamation of reflective foil and thermo foam in layers. As part of this layering design, they also use recycled and sustainable materials. This means that they are reducing waste whilst at the same time also being environmentally friendly.

Their innovative range of insulation products will aid in reducing energy consumption in your home.

Types Of Insulation For Your Home

Within their extensive range, that is suitable for all types of homes, you will find that there are insulation products for your roof, walls and even your floors.

SuperFOIL’s Multi Foil insulation is the perfect all-around insulating material. It is suitable for use on your walls, roof and for under your flooring. It is suitable for use on a new build property; if you are refitting a roof with new insulation and for flat roof insulation.

You will find that Multi Foil is not as thick as traditional insulating material but this is a sign of the innovation behind the product. It is very energy-efficient and it also has a vapour control layer which prevents rising moisture penetrating the cavity wall.

A perfect example of this quality insulation is with the SuperFOIL SF19 Multi-layer Foil Insulation 1.5m x 10m Roll (15m2).


Insulating your home is the ideal way to create an energy-efficient property. It is widely known that most of the heat in our home is lost via the walls and the roof.

If these parts of the building are adequately insulated, this heat will be retained in the home, which will cut heating costs and our energy consumption.

Some benefits of SuperFoil are:

  • As it consists of a layers of radiant barrier foil, it is able to protect against heat loss through radiation
  • Foil insulation provides a vapour and air barrier which controls air from leaking such as draughts
  • It is certified under CE for its use as a water and vapour barrier
  • It is easy to install
  • Offers time savings over its insulation counterparts
  • It offers a longer life expectancy compared to other insulation and achieves a GWP rating of 3
  • It can be used on its own or in conjunction with other insulation materials
  • Reduces noice pollution

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