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Aluminium Ladder

An aluminium ladder is a great investment for both commercial and domestic use which will last for years, even with regular use and offers many benefits over ladders made from other materials, such as timber or fibre glass. 

Our Range

We stock an extensive range of quality, aluminium ladders from leading step ladder manufacturer, Youngman.  Whether you are looking for an aluminium ladder for occasional decorating or regular professional use, we are sure to stock an aluminium ladder to suit you.  From budget ladders through to top of the range models with varying number of treads and with or without platforms.  Youngman is a name you can trust and has been trade approved since 1926.  During this time it has built up an outstanding reputation for designing and manufacturing durable ladders and access equipment.  An aluminium ladder UK can be used for a variety of purposes and are available in step ladder, extension ladder, loft ladder and multi-purpose designs.   

Making a Choice

An aluminium ladder offers many benefits over bulky timber ladders.  The lightweight material means they are easier to handle and manoeuvre which is especially handy when dealing with larger extension ladders.  Aluminium is also fire resistant and not susceptible to rot or rust when exposed to the elements, making an aluminium ladder a maintenance-free option.  Also, by purchasing an aluminium ladder online, you are making an environmentally-friendly investment, as it is an abundant material which can be fully recycled after its use.  All of these benefits mean that there is no compromise on the build quality and strength these ladders can withstand.  Aluminium offers a great weight-to-strength ratio so provide unrivalled stability, making them a particularly safe choice of ladder. 

An aluminium ladder is a cost effective, maintenance-free choice of ladder with the versatility to lend itself to a number of domestic or commercial projects.  These ladders offer the very best in strength and manoeuvrability making it possible for one person to handle the ladder safely and comfortably.  

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