At Building Supplies Online, we offer a hugh selection of Plasterboard from top UK high quality manufacturers including KNAUF, British Gypsum, SINIAT, GYPROC and all available at competitive prices. 

We deliver plasterboard throughout the UK direct to your door and offer next day delivery if required. 

Choosing Your Plasterboard

There are many types, widths and depths of plasterboard available to choose from at Building Supplies Online.  When deciding which Plasterboard is right for you and your project, you will need to consider the application and functionality of the room the Plasterboard is going to be installed in.  You will see an array of Plasterboard variations within our selection including moisture resistant, fire resistant, acoustic, thermal and high impact Plasterboards.

Our fire proof and fire resistant Plasterboard can be used where regulations stipulate the requirement and added through choice for extra security and peace of mind. 

We offer a thermal insulation range of Plasterboard where regulation stipulates a basic level of additional thermal insulation must be met such as new-build structures and in refurbishments where maintaining a higher level of heat is desired. 

Our moisture resistant Plasterboard is ideal for kitchen and bathroom installation as these rooms are prone to high humidity and any space where temporary external exposure will occur.  High impact resistant panels are to go to when your Plasterboard requires extra strength and durability.  Finally, our acoustic Plasterboard is designed for where you may need to reduce noise.  Substantially heavier than standard Plasterboard sheets these special sound shield boards will reduce noise impact in adjacent rooms and neighbouring properties. 

Applying Plasterboard

When applying the plasterboard to a stud wall you can use Plasterboard fixings, screws or a dot and dab method. This will depend on the personal choice and the weight of the plasterboard you are fitting. Wallboard comes in smaller sizes which means it is easier to handle and ideal for putting into smaller spaces. If you require a thermal plasterboard then this is a more specialised board. Normally these plasterboards are best used by a dot and dab method and to a non-cavity wall.  Great care must be taken when disposing of plasterboard due to current regulations you can no longer place plasterboard in standard bins and skips. 

There are two types of Plasterboard edging to choose from; square edged and tapered edge.  This product is also known as dry lining and dry wall.  Plasterboard can be used in commercial and residential applications. It is a difficult item to transport and requires access to the delivery point and possible mechanical lifting equipment. When applying Plasterboard it is crucial you wear protective clothing and use the right fixings. It can be applied to timber battens in front of a cavity wall insulation. Then use Plasterboard tape with scrim and the plaster over the boards.  Plasterboard is also used for added protection to structural steel where required. 

If you have any questions or need advice regarding our selection of Plasterboard then please feel free to give us a call or join us on Live Chat where of course we will be happy to help.  

Our plasterboard prices are the most competitive online and we have a full range of plasterboard sizes available for Next Day Delivery with UK Nationwide shipping.

Once you have chosen from our Plasterboard selection, why not view our range of accessories and plasterboard fixings including Edge Beads, Angle Beads, Joint Plasterboard Tape, Plaster Thistle, screws and Plasterboard Adhesive to compliment the range.

If your project is on a larger scale you will see Building Supplies Online offer plasterboard for partitions and ceiling systems as well as wall linings.  

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