We offer a full range of plasterboard online from the leading manufacturers in the world including KNAUF, British Gypsum, SINIAT, GYPROC. We also sell Plasterboard fixings and screws to compliment the range.

We deliver plasterboard through the UK and can offer next day delivery when required. Our plasterboard prices and sizes are the most competitive online. There are many types of plasterboard sizes and types available to choose from. When deciding which one to choose you need to consider the application and the room in which its being used. The different types of dry lining include Acoustic, Sound resistant, moisture, fire and impact. 

When applying the plasterboard to a stud wall you can you plasterboard fixings ,screws or a dot and dab method. This will depend on the tradesman choice and the weight of the plasterboard you are fitting. Wallboard comes in much smaller size which means its easier to handle and put into smaller spaces. If you require a thermal plasterboard then this is a more specialised board.. Normally these boards and dot and dab to a non cavity wall. Great care must be taken when disposing of plasterboard. Due to regulation you can no longer place plasterboard in standard bins and skips.The two types are square edged and tapered edge plasterboard. This product is also known as dry lining and dry wall. Plasterboard can be used in commercial and residential applications. It is a difficult item to transport and requires access to the delivery point and possible mechanical lifting equipment. When applying plasterboard it is crucial you wear protective clothing and use the right fixings. It can be applied to timber battens in front of a cavity wall insulation. The use plasterboard tape with scrim and the plaster over the boards.

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