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Plasterers Tape & Scrim

Household and commercial building tasks often requires plastering to be undertaken with the installation of plasterboards. Plasterboard is in most instances fixed to the studwork of a wall using a combination of plasterboard adhesive and nails or screws. Because of its lightweight construction, plasterboard can be installed quickly but plaster tapes and trim tapes will be an essential component of completing your project successfully.

Plaster tapes and scrim tapes have number of different uses in plastering projects. As buildings settle, materials like wood and plasterboard shrink back as water absorbed during initial construction evaporates. At this point, cracks can appear along the apex of plasterboard joints on walls and ceilings.

The primary functions of plaster tapes are to seal, reinforce and protect plaster work and plaster work joints through it's application and integration into the plaster work itself. Reinforcing plasterboard joints with jointing tape provides a strong, cohesive bond between the sheets and effectively limits the chance of future cracking occurring. Plaster tapes are also often referred to as plaster joint tape, scrim tape or drywall tape. Plaster tapes are manufactured with adjusted material construction, adhesion, open weave composition and dimensions to precisely cater for specific plastering requirements.

Scrim tapes and plaster tapes are a requirement for plasterboard installation where air gaps are present between the two sheets. These gaps are relatively weak points, post plasterboard application, these joints can often split or crack. To overcome this problem joints are taped with semi adhesive scrim to mitigate the events of subsequent cracking, and once coated with a layer of plaster become fully integral the make up of the wall. As soon as the scrim has been applied the joints can be plastered over. Scrim and plaster tapes adhesiveness is limited. They only require enough adhesion to stick to the installed plasterboard so the plaster coat can subsequently be applied evenly. Designed for plasterboards and other similar surfaces, scrim and plaster tapes work best with smooth to slightly rough surfaces and primarily function as a stability aid during plaster curing and a preventative for potential future cracking.

When carrying out plastering, there are a few essential materials that you will always require. One of those is Plaster Tape.

Choosing your Plaster Tape

Plaster Tape has a few different names, as Plaster Tape will vary slightly, but it may be referred to as Plaster Tape, Plaster Joint Tape, Scrim Tape or Drywall Tape. Plaster Tape may be referred to in these different ways, as each type of Plaster Tape can be used in slightly different ways. Plaster Joint Tape is a type of Plaster Tape that is used to reinforce joints and internal angles between plasterboard, as well as flat joints also. This type of Plaster Tape is called Plaster Joint Tape, but could also alternatively be referred to as Drywall Tape, which is another name for Plaster Joint Tape.

Plaster Tape has a number of different uses when it comes to plastering. Duct tape is one type of Plaster Tape, and it has a very versatile adhesive which means it can be used for a lot of different purposes. This Plaster Tape can be used to join materials, or even serve as borders or guidelines to follow. It may also even be used to wrap around and protect materials that are not supposed to come into contact with plaster.

Scrim Tape is another variant of Plaster Tape. It is a commonly used Plaster Tape as it is an essential supply. It comes in different sizes to suit different needs, and is very inexpensive. This type of Plaster Tape is a self-adhesive tape made of a firm open- weave fabric. The main purpose of this type of tape is to ensure a unified and strong connection between two pieces of plasterboard. Because gaps cannot be avoided when installing plasterboard, if plastered without Scrim Tape, the gaps can become weak and lead to cracks.

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  1. Ram Board Edge Tape  - 63mm x 55m
    Ram Board Edge Tape - 63mm x 55m
  2. ProSolve Double Sided Butyl Mastic Tape 50mm x 10m
    ProSolve Double Sided Butyl Mastic Tape 50mm x 10m
  3. ProSolve Single Sided DPM Jointing Tape - All Sizes
    ProSolve Single Sided DPM Jointing Tape - All Sizes
  4. ProSolve Aluminium Foil Tape - All Sizes
    ProSolve Aluminium Foil Tape - All Sizes
  5. Danosa Self Dan Self Adhesive Bituminous Tape - All Sizes
    Danosa Self Dan Self Adhesive Bituminous Tape - All Sizes
  6. Image for Joint Plasterboard Tape Scrim 48mm x 90m roll
    Joint Plasterboard Tape Scrim 50mm x 90m roll
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