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Scaffold Towers & Platforms

Here at Building Supplies Online, we have a Scaffold Towers to suit all your DIY needs.

So if you are looking for a Scaffold Tower to give you a safe platform for you to carry out your building or repair work then our Youngman Scaffold Towers are the perfect option.

Scaffold Towers & Platforms

Our Scaffold Towers supplier products come from the Youngman Scaffold Tower Range of products. The Youngman Group Ltd was founded in 1926 and acquired by Werner Access Products UK Holdings in 2014 and is now a part of the world's largest manufacturer for work at height equipment. Choosing an Aluminium Scaffolding Platform has been the most popular choice for building professionals for many years and the Youngman Aluminium Scaffold Towers we stock at Building Supplies Online are a great choice. The Aluminium Scaffold Towers are extremely light, durable and affordable and built to meet the needs of professionals whilst also being easily transportable.

The product range includes:

Scaffold Towers & Platforms - Advice

  1. Make sure your Scaffold Towers are on firm ground and level
  2. Ensure the castor wheels are locked on the tower so that it cannot move or wobble
  3. Always pay special attention to the manufacturer's limits and never exceed them, particularly in height
  4. Do not use your Scaffold Towers in strong winds, or if you find that you have any missing parts as the strength of your Scaffold Towers comes from all parts combined and could become weaker if one or some are missing
  5. Before moving your Scaffolding Towers, lower the height of the Access tower
  6. Take note of any cables and overhead obstructions when moving

Our Scaffold Towers 

Our Scaffold Tower range is solely supplied by Youngman. Since the late 20's Youngman have been producing products to help with your DIY. Their Scaffold Tower range is certified for being reliable when used appropriately. A Scaffold Tower is designed to be a stable tower allowing you to reach heights whilst still be safe and secure. Scaffold towers have been used for years and still are one of the most reliable resources within the building industry. Supplied in our Scaffold Towers category are accessories for your Scaffold Towers as well. From fixing kits to adjustable leg packs, our scaffold towers category includes all of the essentials. Along with these we also offer handrails and slip resistance decks for the scaffold towers. These items offer increased safety whilst using these towers, an important addition to your towers. Youngman prioritises safety, design, and technology when designing their products. This offers a product reliability when purchasing Youngman products. This follows into our scaffold towers as when operating this equipment it is of the utmost importance that you operate them safely and securely. See below more information on advice whilst using scaffold towers and other Youngman products. An obvious advantage of investing in Youngman's scaffolding towers is that they are portable. Yes, it might take time to dismantle and transport the scaffolding tower however it is completely possible to put it up wherever it is needed. Being portable also makes it versatile in many situations. Making it perfect for laborers who often take a variation of jobs Typically, all scaffold towers are made from a powdered coated steel. This essentially means they are resilient to a lot of versatile elements. Scaffold towers made from this material naturally last longer, becoming a money saving investment. 

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Scaffold Towers & Platforms Range Offer

  1. Image for Youngman Telescopic Aluminium Adjustable Ladder - 3.8m Max Height
    Werner Telescopic Aluminium Adjustable Ladder - 3.8m Max Height
  2. Image for Youngman Odd Job 600 Multi-Purpose Slip Resistant Work Platform
    Werner Odd Job 600 Multi-Purpose Slip Resistant Work Platform
  3. Antinox Premium Debris Netting 50m x 2m
    Antinox Premium Debris Netting 50m x 2m
  4. Draper Step Aluminium Working Platform - 3 Step
    Draper Step Aluminium Working Platform - 3 Step