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Sheet Materials

For many of your construction and DIY jobs that use sheet materials, wood sheets can be a better choice than natural timber boards.

Wood sheets tend to be easier to work with, more versatile, and more affordable. It can also be easier and quicker to find them with the precise dimensions and properties to suit your sheet materials job than to custom make timber products to do the same job.

Building Supplies Online offer a great range of all varieties, suitable for all kinds of job where you will want to use sheet materials.

Our Range

Our wood sheets are available in a range of sheet sizes and thicknesses, and with both modern and natural wood-look finishes. They are all available at great value with affordable prices. Whether you are construction industry professional, a DIY enthusiast, or even someone who enjoys crafting and model making, you will find the wood sheets in our range to meet your sheet material needs. Available we have Plywood Sheets, Chipboard Flooring, Hardboard Sheets, Decorative Panels, OSB Board and MDF Sheets

What kind of wood sheets do I need?

Different kinds of wood sheet are most suitable for different kinds of jobs. The type that are best for you will depend on what job you need them for.

What is sheet wood?

Sheet wood is exactly what it says in the name; it is a sheet of wood. A popular choice of wood sheet is plywood. Plywood is often cheap, robust and durable, making it ideal for use in DIY projects.

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