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No successful DIY or building task is possible without the use of various types of tapes and duct tapes and we have a range of high quality industry standard taping options from you to select from. Duct tape is a global term that predominantly refers to a wide variety of cloth-backed adhesive tapes.

Our Range

Duct tape, also referred to as duck tape, is cloth or scrim backed tape, with a strong polyethylene coating. There are a variety of constructions of duct tape using different backings and adhesives. The term 'duct tape' is often used to refer to a variety of different cloth tapes for specific purposes, from home repair and improvement, through to construction, industrial and commercial applications.

Masking tape is a vital part of any decorator's, renovator's or builder's tool kit, its rubber based adhesive provides long lasting adhesion to a range of surfaces, to aid decorating undertakings and providing protection to areas that require shielding from paint application. We have a variety of masking tapes from low tack to retail masking tape, available in different widths to accommodate your particular needs. Increasingly popular with professional decorators, Pro Blue tape is a long stay masking duct tape that can be left for up to 14 days without leaving a residue on the surface. Pro Blue tape's professional quality prevents seepage when using highly solvented or thinner coatings such as woodstains or metal paints.

Platser Tape is tape specifically used for joining plasterboard and is often used as a non-perminant adhesive.

Other Options

Other types of tape or duct tape are often called upon during building and decorating projects, amongst those are hazard tape, cloth tape, scrim tape and aluminium sealing tapes. Double sided duct tape options like Klober taco tape and Butylon tape are also a prerequisite in building and construction tasks, Klober tape and Butylon tape are specifically designed to seal nail penetrations through underlays as well as sealing underlays. All our adhesive tapes and duct tape options are quality assured and are manufactured by industry specialists like Klober, Overbuild and Corotherm to guarantee trouble free usage for all your DIY and building projects.

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