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At Building Supplies Online we have a range of Skirting Boards and Architraves on offer, Skirting boards are used to join the gap between walls and the floor, and depending on style chosen can really make a huge difference to the look of your rooms. Architraves encompass your door and door frame, providing a more aesthetically pleasing doorway while hiding any joints or gaps between the door, door frame and wall.

How to use Mouldings

Deeper skirting boards are more suitable for rooms with higher ceilings, so your choice may depend on the height of your room. Skirting boards can be matched or coordinated with your choice of architrave to make a real statement. The architrave is used to form the door frame to each room and can have timber mouldings on each corner to finish them off neatly, decorative architrave can be very stylish. The architrave is supplied in lengths ready for most popular door sizes.

Skirting board, architrave and timber mouldings are available in many designs and different woods to fit into any room scheme. Wooden skirting boards are often made from oak or walnut which can add a rich depth of colour to your room. Skirting boards, architrave and timber mouldings are also very popular in pine as this can be waxed, stained, varnished or painted to compliment your decor. Wooden skirting boards and architrave are especially good where you have wooden floors as they add a warm finish. A popular style for both architrave and wooden skirting board is with a chamfered profile edge. Wooden skirting boards and architrave can be used to hide any cabling that runs alongside it, some skirting boards have a recess in the back especially for this reason. Most skirting boards are double sided giving you two looks to choose from which gives great value for money. They are also strong and durable for long-lasting good looks. Timber mouldings can also include cornices, dado rails and picture rails as well as wooden skirting boards and architrave mouldings. Timber mouldings can also be used for edges on shelves and worktops.

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