Cheap Garden Ideas

Forest Ridged Deck Tile

Forest Ridged Deck Tile


Our gardens are a highly significant part of our everyday lives. When we wake up in the morning and pour ourselves a cup of tea, we look outside and think of the day's tasks.

When you do this, you want to be looking out onto a beautifully designed, serene and tranquil garden, manicured to your exact tastes. The garden is somewhere we can feel calm and relaxed, and take in the fresh air while we sip our warm tea, and bask in the sunlight while we let the smooth blades of grass brush our toes.

I your garden does not do this for you, and you wish to update it and have it exactly how you want, then here are some cheap garden ideas we have for you to look over and feel inspired.

We have wonderful, high quality, and low price ranges of fencing, garden furniture, patio decking, decorations, and paint. As well as the tools necessary to start your gardening journey at the lowest prices on the market.

Add Some Colour

If you simply want to update your current garden furniture and inject a new wave of life into it, we have an amazing range of furniture paints, oils and sealants. These all work extremely well to breathe vibrant colour back into your old furniture, bringing your garden back to its vivacious beginnings, ensuring that when you next gaze out your window, you will be most content with what you see.

However, if you want to completely redecorate, or have just purchased a new house and wish to up the value by re-doing the garden, we have everything you need to make this possible.

Patio and Decking

Our amazing patios come in a range of versatile and long lasting designs to suit your needs and specifications exactly. An example of this would be our Forest Ridged Deck Tile - H 50 cm x W 50cm x D 3cm - Pack of 3, which gives your garden a rustic and unique finish.

Don't let the low price fool you, this product has been pressure treated for longer life, and is known for its high quality in both materials and finish. It would be the ideal choice for a garden in need of some brightening up, and if you are a lover of plants, the colour of this tile, will look even better surrounded by lavish plants in vibrant greens and pinks to really make your garden pop with life!

Forest Ultima Pergola and Decking Kit

Forest Ultima Pergola and Decking Kit


Another way to spice up your garden and ready it for a warm summer is the Forest Ultima Pergola and Decking Kit - 2.4 x 2.4m. The Forest Ultima Pergola and Decking Kit - 2.4 x 2.4m, will give your garden a sense of luxury at a very low price, guaranteeing your guests and neighbours will be impressed when you have them over for the first barbeque of the summer.

Look at the image and just imagine this strong and well-built item in your garden, supplied with everything you need to assemble, this really is the best option for creating a new look for your garden.

Bark Chippings

Are you bored with boring old grass? Or do you simply want to add some interesting patterns and designs in your garden? The best and cheapest way to do that is using Landscape Bark Chippings - Bulk Bag (800kg). Extremely easy to use, you simply spread the chipping where you desire over turfed soil to ensure a long lasting finish. With a beautiful finish, wood chippings also keep your weeds at bay!

As well as looking stunning, there is really no end to what they can be used for. You can spread bark chippings over flower beds or garden paths. Whatever you want, bark chippings are the cheapest and best way forward.

They leave a warm and earthy feel to your garden as well as being highly functional, keeping those weeds at bay while also retaining moisture during those summer months.

Garden Furniture

Forest Rectangular Picnic Table - Large

Forest Rectangular Picnic Table - Large


If these amazing ideas are not reason enough to push you to finally change your life and recreate your garden, then what about our amazing and breathtaking range of garden furniture.

Our garden furniture range has the best and cheapest ideas to recreate your garden. With your new decking, pergola, and bark chippings, all you need to finish off the look is our stunning Forest Rectangular Picnic Table - Large.

This unique and highly desirable item is ideal for your garden. Perfect for recreating picnics in the garden with your children, having friends over for a barbeque, or simply having a romantic candlelit dinner with your partner. It comes in a beautiful light wood finish, high durable and very high quality, guaranteed to last you years and years.

Now you can go and browse everything we have to offer, feeling confident you are spending less on our amazing and unique garden range!