Chrome Towel Rails Guide

Once upon a time, heated towel rails were only a fixture found in some bathrooms around the UK. They were considered a luxury item and were not accessible to all. However, with the introduction of chrome towel rails, this is no longer the case. Heated towel rails are now available and affordable to all. They are now considered an essential bathroom fitting for all bathrooms.

Posted on 5th July 2019, 4 minute read

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How can you get the most out of installing a chrome towel rail in your bathroom? Let’s discover how you can always have a nice, warm and cosy towel to dry yourself whilst also having a warm bathroom.


Chrome towel rails are functional and suitable for bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. They are perfect for the family bathroom, the en suite, and even the water closet. They offer not only a drying function for your towels but are also a useful way to heat the room.

When installing a chrome towel rail, you will need to consider how it will actually provide heat in your bathroom. Firstly decide if you want to rely on the central heating or a towel rail heating element. Do you want your towel rail to act as a radiator? If so, it will need to be plumbed into your existing central heating system. Would you like your towel rail to be accessible all year round? If so, an electric towel rail allows you to turn it on and off as you please. It is also considered to be a cost-effective way to use a heated towel rail. Or would you prefer to have the best of both worlds with your towel rail? If so, there are dual fuel towel rails that allow you to use both the central heating system and the electricity in your home. Dual fuel towel rails are becoming one of the most popular choices of Towel Rails as they offer the best of both worlds.

Which Towel Rail will Best Suit your Bathroom?

Once you have decided how you will heat your towel rail, you will need to consider size and shape. Like most aspects of life, one size does not always fit all and this is true with your chrome towel rail.

In your family bathroom, there may be a lot of people accessing the space. This may then mean a lot of towels will need to be kept dry and snug for use after bathing. A large chrome towel rail like the Essential Leo Towel Warmer will be the perfect option. It has dimensions suitable for the larger bathroom and the capacity for more towels. It is also sleek and stylish in its design.

In your en suite or water closet, space is limited. It will be important for you to be able to maximise all the space that you have. To do this, a smaller chrome towel rail will be an ideal option. Not only is it a great storage solution for hanging towels but it will also be providing warmth to this small room. A compact Ronda Chrome Space Radiator will be a perfect option in this scenario.

Adding Style and Personality

Reina Capo Curved Thermostatic Electric Heated Towel Rail Chrome


Like most aspects of our home, our bathroom is also a place where we can showcase our style and personality. The towel rail that you choose will be an extension of this and it will be important that your chrome towel rail complements that style.

If you live in a contemporary style home that features many modern design aspects, a chrome towel rail will be the perfect option for you. They are options available that will complete that sleek and stylish look like the Reina Capo Curved Heater Towel Rail Chrome.

You can even use your towel rail as an eye-catching design focal point in your bathroom. Depending on the space you have, there are even options available for wall mounted or floor standing chrome towel rails. All of these models will complement your contemporary style and personality.

If you live in a traditionally styled home, you can still create that timeless look with a chrome towel rail. There are options available which will allow you to install that traditional look whilst also having the benefits of modern technology and design. The Bayswater Benjamin Towel Rail is a classic example of this.

Installing a chrome towel rail will enhance your bathroom regardless of your style preference. The chrome finish allows for that radiance to shine whilst being resistant to rusting and corrosion over time. You will also find that there is a range of quality products available that will suit all budgets. It is also excellent at insulating heat which will be comforting when you reach for that warm towel after your shower or bath.

As you can see, there is plenty to consider when installing a chrome towel rail in your bathroom. There is also plenty of options available that will be affordable to all. You can heat your bathroom in a way that is suitable for your needs and requirements. You can choose a rail that is suitable for your style and design preferences. One thing that all chrome towel rails have in common though is that they offer that comforting feeling of being able to dry yourself with a cosy towel. This is a luxurious feeling in itself!